Being Daddy’s little princess has been the best thing ever!

My mommy is out-of-town so that leaves me and my daddy all by ourselves! He loves to spoil me and take care of me. I’m daddy’s little princess and I crave to make him happy. That includes his cock. And, I know daddy will take extra good care of me if I drain the snotty cum out of him.

I’m in my room just hanging out when daddy comes in and tells me that he is really wanting my little body. Perfect, Morning sex with Daddy is the best, I thought to myself. “Daddy you know I’ll do anything for you.” He puts his hand on my little cunny through my pants and tells me how I’m so much prettier than mommy. “My mouth and little pussy feel better than mommy’s also, doesn’t it daddy?” He nods his head and tells me how he is going to double my allowance this week if I stay home with him the whole time mommy is gone instead of going and hanging out with my friends!

Then, Daddy’s fingers are starting to rub harder against my slit.

My pussy is starting to cream my panties as he rubs harder against me. “Yes daddy, I’ll stay home with you if you promise to double my allowance and take me on a shopping spree.” I watch my daddy’s cock grow straight out through his pants. “Yes Daddy’s little princess, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Next, his hands start pulling my pants and panties off. There is a big wet mark in my panties from my pussy drooling! Then, he grabs my cotton panties and puts them up to his nose and mouth. I watch as his tongue licks and sucks my cunny cream off of them. I go ahead and take my shirt off above my head, letting my tiny little titties out. My pink nipples crinkle up and get super hard. Daddy’s mouth takes turns sucking my nipples into his mouth. Then, they swell up and get really hard. So, my daddy takes his clothes off, unleashing his throbbing hard ten-inch cock.

“Come on princess, put daddy’s fat long cock in your mouth.”

I open wide and start kissing up and down his shaft. My mouth is watering! “Daddy please push your daddy cock down my throat and make me choke on it!” My daddy grabs my hair and wraps it around his knuckles. He yanks my head back and feeds his cock down my throat. I start gagging on his cock, soaking him in my sticky wet spit. His cock whole is eagerly leaking pre cum. I’m going to rub it all over my lips like lip gloss.

“Oh, daddy I need you inside of my pussy!” I am dripping down my thighs. Daddy pushes me back and spreads my legs wide around him. We, of course, don’t use protection. I can feel his hot spongy mushroom head pressing up against my tight little fuck hole. He starts to push hard, popping himself inside of me. I look down at his cock, balls deep inside of my bald little honey pot. My pussy is making his cock so shiny wet every time he dips it inside of my cunny. I can not help but to whimper and moan as his cock is splitting me in half!

He rams his cock harder inside of me, pumping faster as his balls clap up against my ass.

“Please, daddy fuck my little pussy hard. I love being Daddy’s little princess!” My pussy tightens even tighter around his cock and I can feel myself about to squirt on his fuck stick. He can feel my cunny cumming which makes his cock start to spasm. “Oh sweetie, you are going to get daddy’s cum load inside your little princess pussy.” Then, Daddy starts to blow his ropy cum inside of me. Thrusting until he pumps every last drop inside of me, emptying his balls. He slowly pulls his cock out of my pussy and watches his cum ooze out of me. “That is a beautiful sweetie, you are such a good girl for me.”

“Now sweetie, daddy promised to take you shopping. Let’s do it while your pussy is dripping with my cum.” Daddy always knows how to take care of my spoiled little self! If he buys me everything I want, maybe I will show him just how much I appreciate it.


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