An accomplice is what you need.  You were just thinking about how hot it would be to snatch a young sweet thing off the street, kidnap and use for your own pleasures.  That’s right rape.  You have been thinking about it for years now all you need is an accomplice.  That’s why I am here sweetie, I am your hot little accomplice phone sex princess that will help you get everything you want.

So here we are in are our dark-colored SUV, seats removed and getting ready to make this thing happen.   Once we got to the bus station on Saturday where there are hundreds of people going in and out every hour.  We walk through the station before finally settling on the cute little brunette, sitting alone.   We watched her as she nervously squirmed in her seat counting her few dollars and change.    She looked as if she was deciding on food or a ticket.

Accomplice Phone Sex starts now…

I walk over and sat next to her with my book bag.   After sitting down I open my book bag and took out a snack and a juice.  I could hear her tummy growling from my seat.  I offered the snack and juice to her and she quickly accepted.  She inhales the granola bar so quickly I could tell she was starving.   I made a little small talk with her and she began to open up, telling me she how she ran away.  After sharing my last granola bar with her,  I told her I needed to leave, but if she followed me to my car I would give her a few dollars to help on her journey.   She agreed, seeming overjoyed.

You see us leaving out and you run ahead of me to the dimly lit parking lot to wait.    We walk toward the back of the parking lot her and I enjoying small chat when we reach the dark-colored suburban.  I unlock the door when you jump out grabbing her forcing her into the back of the SUV.  You hold her down and tie her up while I drive to our secret place.   We picked a place in the woods no chance they would hear her screams.

We are finally here

When we arrive at the spot you yank her from the car to the cabin, pushing her into the shower and showering her perfect young body with cold water.  I push her to the bed, spread her legs apart with my knee, and shoved my fingers into her wet extremely tight cunt.   She tries to fight it but that just makes me shove my fingers deeper.    “Baby, she’s a virgin!”  I smile and say to you and you suck her cunt juice from my fingers.  I grab her by her face squeezing he soft cheeks between my fingers, and so she can smell her own cunt.  “This can be done the easy way or the hard way, but how much fun you have depends on you,”  I tell her.

Tears fall from her eyes and she begs us not to hurt her.   I rub her cheeks and kiss her lips, “ I don’t want to hurt you just use you as my little fuck tool.”     I get undressed, completely naked and climb her face.  My fingers spread my lips wide apart and sternly saying, “Stick out that tongue.”   She doesn’t stick it out quick enough, so I slap her leaving her face stinging.   This time when I said “Let me see that fucking tongue “, she rolled that tongue out so that I had a place to grind my pussy and my asshole.

Your Turn

You snatch her legs open and began to fuck her virgin pussy, which squeezes your cock with pleasure.  I made her tongue fuck both my tight sweet holes as you fucked her snug wet pussy.  She is our dirty little slut for us to use as we want.   You take your wet cock and slam it into virgin rosebud.  Your cock slamming into her asshole while I fuck her face and cum over and over again.

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