Wrong Turn Force Scenario Goes Totally Left for the Bad Guys!

First of all, wrong turn force is something I’ve always FEARED greatly as a young woman. But, to find myself on some backwoods road with cornstalks on either side was something I purposely avoided like the plague. Note to self, when lost, DON’T KEEP DRIVING! Turn the fuck around! When you stop seeing gas stations, and street lights, it’s not going to end well.

Humanity leads to doing HUMAN things. So, going too far out leads to misery and fear. Unless that’s what you’re looking for. On this occasion, I was not. I was just trying to get to a friend’s house and made a mistake with the directions.  I knew I should have said no, but I didn’t. And there I was.

I’ve Seen Movies About Wrong Turn Force!

Wrong turn force is about being abducted by really bad inbred families. Creepy shit, I tell you. However, I had never conceived of these kinds of people in real life. Maybe they wanted revenge? Then, life comes crashing in! My friend, Liv, and I were on this path that looked like it led to nowhere when suddenly, we hit something HARD. We could hear the air hissing from the front passenger side. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I got out of the car and stepped alongside Liv’s window to check the damage. Want to know what else comes from being lost in the cornfields? Weird-ass PEOPLE, that’s who! These two men approached from out of nowhere and they did NOT look right at all! We needed help and there was no cell service, so…

Wrong Turn Force Turns Rough Quickly!

From the second we got into the house where they said they had a landline phone, shit went janky. When we walked in we saw a ramshackle 2 room DUMP with a GIANT bed in the center of a dusty, trash-covered floor! Uh-oh. Bells went off. I could tell by a glance at Liv’s face that she was feeling the same vibes.

“Remove the clothes… NOW!” came the female voice for wrong turn force.

“Wait! What? What the fuck is going on here?” I managed in my most threatening voice!

A smack to the back of my head landed me face-first onto that disgusting mattress and I felt the dust encircle my head!

Wrong Turn Has to be Managed Carefully.

“HEY!” came Liv’s now muffled yell. But, I could hear them subdue her before she landed next to me on the mattress, causing more dust to fly.

“Listen. We won’t make this hard for you. Please, just don’t hurt us!” I managed just as the male pulled out a freakishly large boner!

“Don’t you worry! I’ll take it easy as I can, but that won’t help you, girls!” They both laughed and proceeded to flip us over like sunny-side-up eggs!

Rough Sex Descends…

A single rip removed our clothes and they got naked too. However, what we had thought was a man and woman turned out to be a man and a hermaphrodite! Oh, wrong turn force! I’d never seen one in person before. DAMN! Her dick was as large as his! We might be in trouble!

I’m not sure about Liv, but I’ve got something for EVERYONE inside me! I turned and grabbed her dick. Now, mind you, I’m pretty strictly-dickly, but a dick is a dick, right?

Wrong Turn Force turn-around!

Soon, she fell to the mattress passed out cold! We turned our attention to the man, and he seemed almost scared. The sound of our laughter at his sitch made him even more so! Haha. I grabbed that boner and shoved further than he’d ever seen that fatty disappear as he screamed in…pleasure? Pain? We didn’t give a fuck as long as it hurt!

By the time we got our tattered clothes back around us and jumped into their off-roader, they were moaning for more. But, that wasn’t in their cards during wrong turn force! We disabled the vehicle we had come here in and took off through the woods. Get what you need from me if you’re not too scared to delve deeper than ever with hot phone sex.

Kisses, Just Joey

Wrong Turn Force