Beauty’s Revenge – Part 1

So….You’ve cum back to me! You ALWAYS do, don’t you? Well, it is understandable. I have that affect on all men…and even some women. Why? Simply put…my purpose on the earth is to reap the souls of men through sexual conquest.

My steady, Gary has no idea why the sex with me is virtually mind-bending. He only knows that the mere sound of my deep, sultry, voice makes him want to cum…to me, that is. Well, on me…and over me as well! Giggle

When we lock eyes, he thinks it’s the length of my eyelashes that pull him in, but that’s really such a small part of it. In actuality, those were carefully created for me by The Dark One himself. Another way to bewilder my prey. I know that when I smile, men will do everything in there power to satisfy whatever my needs may be.

And so, tonight (like so many before it), after a thorough ass-fucking and licking me clean before he licks my toes and drinks my cum…I wait for him to fall into a deep sleep. A time when my powers are at their height. The silent, but deep snoring, came directly to the place I hear it best…my pussy. When I get that tingly feeling, followed by the flow of hot, wet, silky, demonic cum…I know he is in that deep sleep which always makes him wonder the next morning, “What the hell happened to me”.

After my nocturnal tortures, he will typically say over breakfast, “Babe! I had the weirdest, rape dream last night! And I was the lucky recipient! “

I give him that seductive slow smile, then fake concern that he favours another over me. He winks, smiles and holds me close to assure me these “Dreams”, are not of his making. How right he is! LOL

What my lover never suspects; is the beautiful, full-breasted vixen writhing above him, this creature who cannot be denied, is me. You see, I have lived for millennia. How does one fear, that which they have no concept of? Truly “the thing” lurking beneath the bed…or sometimes right there under the sheets with you? Worry not, little lambs…Let me tell you a story you likely do not know.

My “given” name, is Lillith. See? Never heard of me, eh? I was the first wife of Adam. You know, “the” Adam and his second wife, Eve? I said it…second wife! I was the one who actually said, “Go ahead, Baby. Eat that fucking apple and let’s get naked!”

Okay, okay! So, things got a little messy when I fucked the Archangel, Samuel too. Not my finest hour, admittedly! But, he was so fucking hot, I’d do him all over again. And I, have fucked all nine rings of Hell over thousands of years, so…!

Call me by my newest name, Joey and continue the story with me. See if you are able to resist me at the

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