You were just destined to worship my tight body. All your life accomplishments have lead you right into this spot.

I love seeing you on your knees right in front of me. This is exactly where you belong. I knew you would worship my tight body by the end of the night, but I’m getting ahead of myself. When I found you at the bar, I thought you were really hot. You offered to buy me a drink, and we hit it off right away. But the more you talked, the more I realized how submissive you were. You would be a lot funnier than the submissive college boys that I normally fuck with.

Your wife walks all over you, even though you hold all the power in the marriage. You were only at the bar because your wife is out of town. Normally she wouldn’t let you do this, you told me. I don’t even think you realized how pathetic you sounded to me. It actually turned me on though.

I love sex in every way possible, but my dominant side likes to run strong. I knew I could bring you back to my apartment and could do anything I wanted with you. Does that make me a bad girl? Maybe, but being bad is just so much fun! So, after getting you nice and tipsy, we take a cab back to my apartment.

I giggle when it takes you extra time to get up all the stairs.

Of course, you wouldn’t handle your alcohol very well. Once we get inside, we just start talking again. I turn the talk down the R rated path.

“So how many people have you slept with?” I ask curiously. You tell me just your wife. She was your high school sweetheart and everything happened pretty fast. Your reply doesn’t surprise me. When you ask me the same question, I just giggle.

It’s so much fun having more experience than you. I put my feet on your lap and start to rub on your lap up and down. Your body gives it away how nervous you are. I can see the goosebumps on your arm. This is clearly the first time you have ever strayed from your marriage.

“Why don’t you take my shoes off,” I tell you in a more demanding voice. You don’t ask any questions, instead, you follow my directions right away. I knew I would have you worship my tight body very soon. I can feel your hard-on underneath my feet as I gently rub your cock. Suddenly, I hop off the couch and on to your lap. I start seductively kissing you and down your neck.

“You are such a bad boy sneaking off with me tonight. I want you to get down on your knees” I whisper into your ear.

You gently move me off your lap so you can get on the floor below me. I tell you to start kissing my feet. Your lips are really soft.

They actually feel really good going up my leg. You knew exactly where this is going. I spread my legs for you, and let you work your lips up my thighs until they land right on my clit. It feels so good and I start moving my hips up and down on the couch while I push your face deeper into my pussy.

It doesn’t slow you down at all and you keep working your tongue on my clit until I start shaking. I started cumming so hard all over your face. It lasts for several minutes before I let you pull your mouth away. When I gain some of my breath back, I write my number down on a piece of paper and tell you to call me when your wife is out of town again if you want to worship my tight body again.


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