Submissive college boys are the best!

I can’t think of a better way to practice my humiliation skills than on one of the many submissive college boys on campus! These guys are always so desperate to please. They are always asking to carry my heavy books to class for me, or to write my paper to get me an A. But little do they know, I can get A’s all by myself! So the only real reason I have for keeping them around is to use them however I want. They are practically begging for it all the time.

Whenever I get a new toy in the mail, I just have to text one of the many numbers on my contact list. My newest toy is a glass dildo with balls on the end.

They are perfect for seeing how much these guys can talk before I move them on bigger and better things.

I mean that quite literally too. These guys may be eager to do my homework. But I’m eager for them to get to know my real boyfriend. The one with the bigger and thicker cock of course.

So once they have committed to taking my glass dildo in their ass all the way, that’s when I can invite the surprise in. When my boyfriend comes in with his big cock swinging right in their face. I think they know what they have gotten themselves into. And if they haven’t then it won’t take long. Once I put my boyfriend’s big black cock right against their lips and demand they suck it, they will get the point. They will be on their way to being an interracial cuckold in no time!

Then when I get the pictures of them with cum all over their face, I can use it as blackmail! That will make things interesting since my boyfriend has so many friends that also need somewhere to get off!

Phone sex is even better when you admit your fantasies!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke