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Working Out Sex is going down. I have my trainer behind me, spotting me. I have been teasing him all day long with his cock hovering all over my mouth while he works me out good. Right now, my ass is pressing into his cock through his workout pants as he is guiding the weights above my shoulders. I squat and of course purposely push my ass out for his cock to rub against me. His veining thick cock is such a tease in between my butt cheeks! He is always making sweat drip down my entire body, pushing me. He so also makes my pussy dripping wet. We are upstairs now in the gym, stretching. I so make the first move, tempting his cock even more! I am laying down on my back with my legs spread to either side of me, in a split. He is hovering.

As he is so in between my legs, pushing my legs down on either side, his cock head is right against my pussy lips.

I look at him and start grinding my pussy back and forth on his bulge. “Why don’t you just take it out and put it where it belongs. Balls deep inside of me.” He is so cute and blushing at my forwardness. I so am not joking though about this working out sex. I reach down and unleash his cock pull my shorts to the side. With on push of his throbbing hard shaft inside of me, he starts beating his cock in me. The gym is so fucking full of people, but they all would have no clue that I am fucking his cock inside of me while I am stretching. He pumps himself in and out making my tight twat squirt. Getting on all fours I get into a downward dog position with him behind me. He is ramming his dick inside of me and groping my tits.

I want this workout to be sexy as fuck!

I so let him have working out sex with me from behind until I can not take it any longer. My body is so fatigued from his routine and his throbbing hard dick. I turn around and get on my hands and knees jerk that cock into my mouth. I’m sucking it clean of all my orgasms. Finally, his cock so lets out a huge amount of sperm from his balls. All of it busts into my mouth and all over my face, He made me even more glossy! I am going to wear my sweat like a badge of honor, including his so sticky hot sperm!

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