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I nod and make eye contact with his assistant who is biting her lip.

Bell finally is ringing and the class clears out. I remain sitting at my desk. She comes over to me and pulls my shirt off as he walks over to the door to lock it. My tits fall out and she grabs them, putting my hard pink nipples into her palms. I stand up and face her. My lips press up against hers and we start making out as my little body pressing up against hers. This Hot Teacher Sex is pure fire. We are naked against one another. My teacher is enthusiastic watching and pitching a tent in his pants. She guides me over to him and forces me down onto my hands and knees. She unleashes his rod and pushes it into my mouth. He is tasting so good. My tongue is circling all around his swollen throbbing head as I take him past my tonsils.

He thrust in my mouth as she is holding my head back and guiding it up and down his shaft.

His dick stick is drooling into my mouth onto my taste buds. Fuck we all are so horny. She is grabbing me by my hands and directs me to sit on the desk. My legs are spread open as she thrust his rod right inside of me. I love having Hot Teacher Sex. My pussy is squirting all down my thighs as he pounds himself in and out of me. She is such a nasty bitch also! she is getting down to her hands and knees and licking and lapping up at the juice leaking down his cock and balls from my pussy. He is so getting a bit more handsy as we keep getting naughty! He grabs me and pulls me off of the desk and flips me around. “Are you an ass virgin?” I do not know how to answer the question as he stuffs himself inside.

I let out a huge moan as I so take every inch inside of me

He is pumping and thrusting balls deep in me. My teacher grabbing onto my hips, ramming himself harder and faster in and out of me, then looks at his assistant. ” Lean over next to her, I am going to fuck both of your asses and cum on your round plump butts.” This is so fucking hot!

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