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Just one example of work place sex with Phone Sex Operator, Dawn. I work from my home; it is a lake house on the main channel so I get lots of boaters to swing by and meet plenty of people without leaving the house. So, I have a lot of Work place sex stories. Like this morning I know there is some emailing and advertising to do but I had no time to be bothered with that now. My life partner David, (I also call my “Darkblaze”) had deliberately aroused me to a fevered pitch. The darkblaze of my lust had swept my body with a firestorm of passion only he could quash completely.

Leaving me “inspired” and primed for a call… (Or at least that is why he says he does it) to go pick up our girlfriend Renee. With how aroused he had left me and knowing Renee would have her head buried in his lap all the way here giving him road head. I had to cum NOW.

Heading for my playroom, I began to tear my clothes off. Not caring that they are expensive lingerie.  All the way thru the house, I was reliving my encounter with him just two hours earlier upon waking up just after dawn.

But right now, he was merely in my mind, touching my ear with his voice, my body with his words, my body with his phantom body.

And yet I melted in that instant.

I dropped my robe to the floor, leaving me clad only in a black lacy bra and G-string panties which had been soaked from the moment He had touched me to say goodbye. Leaving my high heels on, I threw myself onto the bed, laying on my back and peeling off my soaked panties.

David is truly an extraordinary lover, the one I crave. One who gives pleasure so intense it is painful and he is truly an “all-nighter”. Even when there are two or three women at once in our bed…

So many times, I had brought myself to orgasm while thinking of him.  So many times, while making love to other men, I had dreamed it was He.  My darkblaze had captivated me from before we met in person. He had fanned a blaze burning deep within me.  This morning, with a slap on my ass with one hand and griping me tight to mold to his body with his other hand as we kissed good bye, he sent me into a lusty frenzy.

With one hand I tore off my bra and tossed it aside.

While my other hand was already fast at work caressing the firm flesh of my shapely thighs, inching closer to my burning crotch.

My second hand quickly joined its partner as my fingers danced gently in the swollen bald lips of my pussy. I closed my eyes and remembered that charming innocent grin, the naughty, steely look in He’s eyes.

So purposeful, so secretive, eyes that hid many secrets. They fascinate me.  Everything about him fascinates me. His physical prowess, his physique, his strength, his intelligence; LOL his commitment to enjoying and satisfying me. How he will play along dressing up in costumes so my girlfriends and myself could dress fun and slutty. I love even the way he filled out his outfits to perfection. His sense of adventure from out on the town or out in nature.

LOL Or in my playpen room, or in the lake, or on the deck, or in the yard, or LOL well you get the idea. We love to enjoy the entire person we are with, mind, heart, and body. Though we will play secret games and place bets privately on all kinds of naughtiness like to see which of us can make our girls cum most.

As I dipped two fingers inside of myself,

I think of how impressive his manhood is. I can feel him between my thighs, mounting and penetrating me with his long hard curved shaft.

That same intense look burning in his eyes, invading my very soul as he pounds in me repeatedly. I mirrored my dream lover’s movements with now three fingers from my right hand while my left hand stimulated my clit. My long, beautiful legs were high in the air wrapped around his body, and moans of ecstasy bellowed from my lips. After a long while, in both my fantasy and in reality, I flipped over rapidly, never letting my fingers lose contact with my pussy.

Now on my knees,

I buried my face in the pillow and muffled some of my screamings.  I pictured My darkblaze’s strong hands grasping my hips as he drove into me from behind. My ass stuck up high in the air and my hard nipples brushed against the satin sheets on the bed.  Well aware that I was nearing an earth-shattering orgasm, I began to beg my dream lover to shoot his load inside of me. I longed to feel his hot fluid splashing inside of my pussy.

Lost in my fantasy, I began to climax.  Long rolling waves of pleasure wracked my body as I screamed out his name into my pillow.  For several minutes. I rode out my orgasm until I just collapsed face down on the bed and drifted off to sleep, still dreaming of Darkblaze who so dominated her body and fantasies.

Not remembering that I was logged in, nor that Renee and David would be back very soon and then since I work from home… I would be having Work place sex for the next couple of days. Getting a lot more stories if I could stay conscious enough to remember the encounters.

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Work place sex
Work place sex