Small Sexy Feet Drive Men Crazy

Women with small feet have been desired for centuries all over the world. As someone with size 6.5 shoes, I am no stranger to what my feet do to men.  In early college, many of my male friends were obsessed with my cute toes and smooth heels.  Some even claimed to not usually like feet, but I find that doubtful.

Either way, my small sexy feet drove many men overboard, and I will admit to getting an inflated ego over it.  It always left me wanting more.  Being beautiful is one thing, but there is something special about men swooning over my toes.

Of course, it gets me thinking: why have guys not capitalized on this yet? So many plentiful opportunities to touch feet. All it takes is one man to step up and start his own spa because women love being pampered.  It’s not rocket science!  If you set up something that we benefit from, we will have no issue with you touching our feet.

You Could Solve Your Foot Fetish Problems

What I envision is a spa where women go to be waited on by men.  We are goddesses, so it’s really a no-brainer that you would want to wait on us.  Don’t be timid about it.  We love when men are unapologetically smitten with us.  Just allow us to come in and be adored by you.

Women with small feet would always be there to be fawned over because all a goddess wants is a man to massage her toes while she sips mimosas and mojitos. Think about it; you would literally be paid to touch our sexy small feet! Is there any other dream you would rather live?

I see myself leaning back in a chair, having my feet pampered and painted alongside my hot goddess girlfriends. You sit there with your hands occupied with my perfect toes.  I should never have to ask for a drink refill because a man should be refilling my cup without orders.

This is The Way to Devote Yourself to Us.  We Shouldn’t Have to Ask!

Who are the best men for these jobs?  Chances are, if you are reading this, probably you.  But to be more clear- Submissive men without a backbone.  There are so many worthless men out there wasting their potential.  They should be on their knees gifting us and pledging their lives to us goddesses.

Another perfect candidate is the “man” with a small prick.  Basically useless for a good fuck, these small dicked twats couldn’t stroke themselves if they wanted. More or less, they have to finger that stupid clitty.  Solution- if you are just good enough at serving your mistresses, they may let you fuck between their tiny toes.

Being blessed with our small sexy feet, you must work hard to show you deserve even the smallest amount of attention. Don’t worry! Even the dumbest nub-cocked fuck toys should qualify!

Don’t wait to get those brains working, bitches!  Get working on your goddess worship hall now because it’s your one chance at worthiness.  Questions, comments, and concerns?  Call me, and let’s hash out the nitty-gritty of the whole operation.

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