A wolf’s game a kitten’s nightmare

Kya was only half-wolf, she felt like she was safe for now in the lonely cabin, Adyen was gone for now. All things considered, She could relax and strip down and let her tail breath. She had a break of him calling her his “kitten”. Kya wasn’t beyond excited about this arranged pairing. But after all, she was an Alpha in the pack and “won” the lottery.  Kya was promoted to an Alpha when they discovered that she could shift at will.

Kya soon walked toward the outside deck, she wanted to sunbathe for a while before having to deal with Adyen. Her dark black hair fell loosely and her golden eyes sparkled as she kneeled down. Arching her back, her body began to bend and fur flowed out with a metaphysical rush.

Kya particularly rustled her fur and padded closer to the sun lounger.


Curling up on the sun lounger on the cabin deck, the evening sun warmed her hindquarters. Stretching and rolling over the warm her other side. She opened her muzzle and yawned lazily. Her soft bushy tail curled around her legs.

She must have dozed for some time because she heard rustling from the side of the cabin. Kya’s fur stood up and her muscles tightened, listening intently. She began to sniff the air curiously. She didn’t scent Ayden but he could probably mask his scent if he wanted to.

Moving quietly, her eyes scanned where the noise had come from.  Kya spotted Ayden’s Ice blue eyes glint from the shaded side. His eyes locked into hers, hunger and challenge intensified in his. Kya’s eyes bled fear and defiance in hers. Ayden knew she had felt false safeness on the deck. She mistakingly allowed herself to doze, the only place where she could run too. Kya’s soft black paws are not used to the mountain floor.

Perhaps He should give her a head start…

Ayden decided not to. He started prowling closer to the deck. He dare not break eye contact with her. His growing became more intense as he crept closer. Fight or flight my little kitten, you’re going to have to make a choice soon. Ayden thought. In essence, he craved her defiance it made him particularly hungrier for her.

Kya was upon her paws, frantically she glanced towards the steps. Looking back she found his piercing gaze. Somehow he had inched ever closer to her. She took off sprinting turning the corner of the deck she heard a low growl. Kya sprang forward and careened down the wooden steps, hitting the ground. She stood up and shook herself and ran again.

Her paw’s padding the uneven terrain, as she sprinted rocks flew to either side of her aching paws. Kya’s eyes grew wide as she raced through the undergrowth. Many thorns grazing her fur, catching her tail, consequently slowing her. She was loosing the precious small lead she had from him.

She panted pulling herself through the thorny underbrush. Perhaps he had stopped his chase or she had escaped. Kya Calmed her breathing to listen and heard nothing. Consequently, this gave her false hope that she had escaped. Perhaps “Kitten” has won the game tonight.

Correspondingly Ayden padded his way after Kya…


He had been racing after her. He knew these woods well and could smell her sweet fear in the air. The fear and the look in her eyes excited him. With this in mind, it pushed him harder and faster after her. You can run little one, but you will be mine. Ayden darted after her scent.

Ayden had spotted her in the distance. He dropped to the ground his grey fur brushing against the ground he crawled low and got closer and closer. He was nearly on top of her. That soft bushy tail was almost close enough to bite.

Kya felt him gaining ground and sprinted once more. She could hear his heavier paws right behind her gaining on her. Spotting a lake ahead, her mind raced, where would she go from there. Ordinarily, she was a wonderful swimmer but was unsure of if she would make it.

As they rush out of the forest, cuts over the pair of them, he gave an almighty leap, landing forcefully on top of her. Kya squirming she fought under him, writhing, trying to claw his face. His bigger paws on each opposite side of her. Ayden pinned her as she bucked under him, he sank his sharp teeth into her neck. Nevertheless, she reached to try and bite his paw, he bit harder.

All things considered, Kya put up a good fight Ayden was likewise impressed…

Kya wasn’t ready to give up. She bucked again, in the long run, she knew she had lost now.  Ayden pushed her tail out of the way and sank into her.  One deep, meaningful thrust all the way in her love canal.  Kya was his kitten now the perfect mate. Ayden had marked her and in essence, claimed her as the mother of his cubs.

She lay silent under him. He was thrusting away on top of her. Her neck scruff firmly in his strong jaws. Her body eventually relaxed as she gave in to being his. Ayden had won his prize.

Afterward, As he moved off of her, she curled up in the grass by the lake next to him. He padded around her.  Inspecting her wounds, he sat over her and began to lick each of them clean, protecting his little one from harm. Kya was his kitten, his queen and soon to be the mother to his cubs.

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