BBC Was The Prize That I Won At The Halloween Contest

I love Halloween. I live for it. And I do most is my household shopping around Halloween time. So, I am always looking for l forward to costume contests, festivals, trick or treating, etc. My favorite is costume contests… especially when I win the biggest prize there! So, let’s hear a story of when I won a big prize! A big black prize. Hehe! BBC is so yummy!


A few years ago Regina asked me to go to a costume party at this club in her town. I agreed and decided to head up a week before and hang out with her. We shopped, drank, ate, ate each other’s pussies, normal stuff for us. Then it was time for finding a costume. I wanted something cute but sexy and slutty. So, we searched for the perfect costume.

Through all the sexy vampires and fairies I found my costume. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie and my favorite book so I got super excited when I found the perfect Alice costume. It was short, showed my amazing cleavage, came with sexy stockings and I just had to buy it. I took it to the front and the cashier was this cute teen boy who blushed when Reggie and I bent over on the counter. We giggled and went on our way.

We got dressed in her place and looked hot. She was a slutty Little Mermaid and I was so excited and made sure to wear the tiniest white thong just in case of a quick fuck. Hehe! So we went to the club and it was filled with sexy ladies and men. We danced and took shots of Fireball. Then it was time for the costume contest! We went on stage and were announced by the hot black guy who was running the whole thing. He was dressed as Beetlejuice and had the tightest pants on.. and I could only imagine what he was hiding in them! He smiled my way and I winked at him as I stood up there.

The crowd loved mine and Reggie’s costumes…

But I think I stole the show when I bent over showing them my ass and they got a little bit of a pussy lip slip! The host smacked my ass and announced that I had won and Regina gave me a little kiss and walked off to find a nice pussy to lick. The host gave me a little trophy and bent me over for the crowd to show them my ass again and gave it a good spank. He escorted me off stage and whispered into my ear “Let me buy you a drink, beautiful.”

We headed to the bar and got some drinks, then he took me to sit in the VIP section. We laughed and flirted and I couldn’t help but want to fuck him right there. So I decided to get naughty and give him my panties. He licked his lips and put them in his pocket. I giggled and he began to walk his fingers up my skirt and spread my legs. He stuck a finger into my juicy pussy and fingered me for a few minutes. Then, he kissed me and I pulled my top down.

He sucked and bit on my nipples as I came onto his hand. I wanted to fuck that BBC of his. He stood up in front of me and I pulled it out. It was HUGE. And my pussy wanted it so bad. He shoved my mouth onto his dick and shoved it deep down my throat. My eyes watered but I loved it. He flipped me over on the couch and I was hanging over it. Then he slapped my ass and shoved his fat cock into my pussy.

I think its safe to say that I won the biggest prize in the contest! Hehe

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