I recently moved into a new home, and the man next door is a handsome one. I had really set my mind to get him as soon as I saw him, and I had the perfect way to do it as well. I’d notice our bedroom windows faced each other, with only a few feet of property between. I saw him moving around in there and I had my bedroom light on and went close to the window and started to remove my clothes. I could feel his eyes watching me. I felt when I saw his light go off he didn’t leave the room, he was just trying to not be seen but was watching me.


After I peeled off every stitch of clothes, I started to rub lotion all over my body, and when I neared the tops of my thighs, I was bold and started to caress my pussy. I bet he was over there stroking his cock watching me. The next night he was again in there, but this time I was the one to turn my light off so he couldn’t see me, and he undressed and sat on the edge of his bed. I could see the blue light from the glow of the t.v. in the background, perhaps he had some porn on.

He then started to slowly pump his cock up and down and I could see it was a nice sized one and he glided his hand teasingly up and down his rock hard shaft for me, he knew I was watching, I could just tell. I was too, I was rubbing my cunt as I watched him masturbate for me. Dragging my fingers through my juices and up to my clit and wiggling it back and forth with my fingertips. As his pace grew faster mine did as well, as we came together.

This continued on for several weeks, this window watching, until finally I was ready for it to progress. When I knew he was in his room masturbating, I went to his door, I didn’t even knock. I tried the door and it was unlocked, as I felt it would be. I crept up his stairs and went towards where the sound of the t.v. was coming from and opened the door all the way, as it was open a bit already.

I walked in and he wasn’t surprised to see me at all it seemed. I got on my knees in front of him and took his cock in my hand and admired it before kissing its wet tip and taking it into my mouth. It was already hard from him masturbating it, and I loved the feeling of it in between my lips. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed it downwards gagging me slightly. After a few moments, he got on his back and pulled me towards him and I straddled him and finally felt that cock glide into my cunt. I rode him and made him so wet and juicy and my stiff clit ground against him as I bounced faster and faster and finally came all over him and instantly felt his cum shoot inside me in thick, hot ropes, as his hands groped my tits and we caught our breath and finally introduced ourselves. It’s always fun to have new neighbors…

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