Wild Tease and Denial, I may never let you cum, or will I?

You are sitting there waiting impatiently for me to arrive. When I do there is no small talk. I simply push you back into the seat and pull your pants off. Tonight you are are going to be wildly teased and denied. Your orgasm is at the mercy of my mood. Will I allow you to cum? Or will I leave you panting and begging for more?

You watch as I turn and slowly remove my long coat revealing the red and black bustier, garter belt, panties, long thigh high stockings, and stilettos. My long hair is pinned neatly into an updo. It is my red lips and dark eyes that give me a mysterious appeal.

Intentionally you are wild teased and denied when you see my large breasts pushing up out of the bustier. You want so badly to watch as they fall out to show off my perfectly pink nipples. I pick up the scarf I have just discarded and walk over to you. I see your already touching yourself, you naughty boy. NO more of that, I tie your hands behind your back, loosely but so you cannot touch your cock or me. You smell my perfume and the scent of my hair as I am tying you and I know you are breathing deeply of my scent.

Suckle my breasts you know you want it!

Bending onto my knees I pull out of the bag that I brought, a bottle of lube and a small vibrating bullet. I look at you smile as I also pull out a masturbating sleeve.

Standing to straddle your body I pull your head to my huge breasts. Lifting one and then the other of my breasts out and allowing you only briefly to suckle from each of the nipples. Then I slowly stroke my pussy over your hardening cock.

I slip off of you and reach for the oil. Grinning I trickle it over your cock and my hands. I reach for you and slide my red pedicured nails slowly up your shaft. Rubbing the oil all over your cock and teasing it. You hear the oil and my hands as they glide over your dick and balls. Massaging you but wild tease and denying you as well.

Yes, I will tickle your taint!

I go a little faster and twisting my hands around both of them one on top of the other. Squeezing your head. Then I slow down. Again I am teasing your tickling the head of your dick with my fingernails. Lightly I am scratching along the shaft of your throbbing cock. I tickle your balls the same way, then I slip my finger lower and slightly apply pressure to your taint.

I continue to tease you like this for some time. Just as you are starting to relax I again stroke you faster and harder. Squeezing your head. Twisting my hands around and around. Your cock is so wet there is precum and I wipe it with my finger and place it to my mouth sucking my finger clean.

That drives you wild I continue to stroke faster. When your breathing grows rapid I slow down and just softly massage you with my fingers again. I trickle more oil over you and make you completely wet with it. Your cock sounds good wet in my hands. You are watching my tits so I slap your cock against my hard nipples. You like that don’t you naughty boy, dick spanking my nips?

I reach for the masturbation sleeve and slowly slip it over your cock. I begin stroking it up and down your cock. This drives you insane, I STOP! I stand and walk away leaving your dick standing straight up in the sleeve. Yes, I completely ignore you for a few minutes. Your dick is beginning to grow soft. We can’t have that now, can we? Bending I slip my panties off and you see my pussy.

Lick my fingers clean.

Again I straddle your lap and begin rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy and all you can do is watch. Do you want to fuck my pussy? I lift my fingers and place them to your lips. You suck my juices off and I slide back down between your legs.

Reaching for your cock I stroke you some more going fast and hard and unrelenting on your once again hard cock. You are so very close. Wish you could fuck me so bad, to taste me but you are denied. Please, beg me to let you cum. I slow down. Once again I stroke you slow and pulling the sleeve off I lift the vibrating bullet and slide it up and down your cock over your balls and just as you are panting for more I touch it directly to your taint.

I lift it away and instantly you miss it. I stroke you softly with my hands. You want more, you beg for more. Touching it to your asshole not inserting it, just teasing it, sliding it up to your balls once again.  Continuing I stroke you faster with my hand.

Your cock is hard and throbbing now.

I deny you what you really want standing up to gather my things. Smiling at you mischievously, slip on my coat, and just before walking out I untie you and place my scarf back around my neck. You stare at me as I look at your hard throbbing cock.

Please don’t leave me like this, you beg? I lean down whisper in your ear, call a phone sex girl for your release. What is phone sex you ask? It is everything you want and so much more. It is a sexy woman waiting to share in every fantasy you could ever imagine. NOTHING is to taboo for the girls waiting for your call!