I Was About To Have  Some Wild Sex

I went to this Halloween costume party my friend was having. .   No one was allowed to take off their costumes or masks during the party. This one man was dressed as a ferocious beast it looked part animal,part devil . It was very impressive and came up to me and made it very clear he was interested in me.He went to refill my drink for me.I was more than just a little tipsy . But I wasn’t feeling any pain.

He was aggressive and pushy. And The costume seemed a good choice as he was a bit of a beast. I was however intrigued by him. And wondered how much of a beast he’d be in the bedroom.After all his body looked really buff in that costume. It turns out I didn’t need to wonder for long. As I was about to have wild sex with him in one of the empty bedrooms.

I Felt His Tongue Licking Up And Down My Ass crack

He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into one of the rooms and I took off my mask .But he sure didn’t want to take his off. As I went to pull it off and he pushed my hand away. But I couldn’t kiss him with that animal head mask thing on.It covered his whole head. I was pushed over the bed. My skirt pulled up, panties roughly pulled down. I assumed I was going to feel the head of his cock push into my pussy. But no, I felt his tongue licking up and down my ass crack. And Wow!I was a bit surprised, but didn’t stop him. And I was being licked and tongue fucked by this stranger. I could feel the mask rubbing all over my ass as he licked me.

He Pummeled  My Pussy Mercilessly

dana wild sex 2

I was then spun around and tossed on the bed like a rag doll. As he pulled out his cock, keeping the costume on. And then he began to fuck me as he pinned me down. And after that he preceded to have wild sex with me. He really  pummeled my pussy mercilessly, thrust after thrust. His rough way was not the usual for me. And yet I was getting very wet at this rough fuck and wondering who was behind the mask. I could feel my cunt lips part for his cock. Which had a huge head on it and it fucked me hard and fast. My legs were hanging off of the bed and he grabbed them under the knees like a wheelbarrow. And just started to jackhammer my pussy.

He was rough and seemed hairy.He hardly spoke, he really was animalistic. He fucked me hard and I came explosively. I wasn’t even finished cumming when he withdrew his cock. And shoved it right up my ass, without even asking .And he continued to grope at me as he fucked me. My ass stretching wide to accommodate his girth. His cock had been wet with my pussy juices as he entered my ass

It Was Hottest Fuck I Ever Had

. And I could tell from his breathing he was about to cum up my ass. He pushed and pushed, and I felt him explode. And he grunted very loudly like a beast as he came. After that I laid back to catch my breath after all the wild sex. And I closed my eyes for only a moment and he was gone. There was a blur out of the corner of my eye. And then  I fixed myself up and went downstairs. Only A few minutes later. And I asked my friend where he’d gone and he said he’d not seen him, nor did he know who it was. I will never know I guess,Was It A Dream? I don’t know but that was the hottest Halloween fuck I ever had.I Sure love wild sex fantasies!

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