Nothing says time for a wild pool party like a tropical storm on the way!

Of course, I would plan a trip back to the East Coast just in time for a hurricane. But it was a short weekend away. Honestly, I just needed a break from the city.  And some real summer weather, which is hard to find where I live. When I found out most of the weekend was going to be rained out due to a hurricane, I knew what had to happen. Plan a wild pool party!

I checked the forecast

And it looked like Saturday was going to be an amazing day.  I called a few of my old friends, girls and guys, and invited them over to the pool at my rental house. Anyone who knows me knows that I love spending time in the pool.  Sometimes, those pool parties can turn into a hot sexy threesome. Not that I expected that this time. While everyone else was preparing for the upcoming storm, I was determined to have some fun. We were going to have a wild pool party! No hurricane could ruin my trip.

So I stocked up on all the essentials for a wild pool party

Sunscreen, pool floats, tiny new bikini, drink mixers. And flashlights and candles, just in case the hurricane decided to visit a little early. I looked at the weather report, and we had a few hours to spare. It was time for a wild pool party!

Everyone arrived promptly. I admired my scantily clad girlfriends in their little string bikinis. And the guys didn’t disappoint either in their snug bathing suit bottoms. I could see a few bulges in their shorts after being around my girlfriends in their tiny bathing suits for just a few moments. Then after a few drinks, we were all in the pool and feeling great. No dark clouds overhead!

It started to get a little naughty

Maybe it was the upcoming storm that had people feeling a little excited. I’m still not sure. All I know is I looked over and saw two of my girlfriends untying each other’s bikini tops and pressing their tits together. A few guys gathered around while the girls kissed. Clearly, the guys were trying to cover their hard cocks with their hands. I knew a wild pool party was just what we needed before the hurricane hit.

But I didn’t expect my wild pool party to become a wild orgy

Soon, everyone was naked.  Bikini tops and bathing suit bottoms were flying left and right. Every way I looked, there were guys and girls touching each other. Moaning soon ensued. Next thing I knew, I felt hands come up behind me and grab my tits. So, I leaned back and felt soft lips on my neck. I didn’t need to turn around and see who it was. This was going to be a wild pool party for the books!

He pushed me towards the edge of the pool

And I jumped halfway out, pressing my tits against the concrete and sticking my ass in the air. As a result, he pulled my bikini bottom down and spread my ass cheeks wide. I could feel the wind starting to pick up. It made me shiver a little bit. Was it anticipation of the hurricane or the hard dick about to be inside me? I didn’t know.

Neither the hurricane nor the cock disappointed

He had his hard cock inside my pussy in seconds. I was so tight, yet so wet. He thrust that cock deep inside of me and started pounding into me. I was pressed against the side of the pool just taking that giant dick. Soon, I was screaming out loud while he held my cheeks wide and shot his load inside my pussy. He pressed his body over mine, and we both took a deep breath as the rain started to come down. It was one perfect ending for my wild pool party.

Curious as to what happened after the hurricane made the wild pool party go inside?  Let’s have a phone sex chat!