Wiggle Those Sexy Toes Sheridan Shares Her Foot Fetish Fantasies

Do you know who taught me to wiggle those sexy toes?  When I  was a teenager I was lucky enough to receive my first “foot job.” My family and I were all sitting around the table having dinner; it was the first time I had ever met my new brother-in-law as he and my sister, a flight attendant, had met in a plane and eloped overseas. She was just now bringing him into the family fold, not knowing he was going to rape her little sister with his big toe. My brother-in-law Olivier was (and still is!) a hot French dude. I’d never seen a guy like him before, outside of an indie movie: he had sleepy bedroom eyes, a scruffy beard, and was wearing tight black jeans and a rumpled grey t-shirt from which his muscles bulged.

I felt myself tingling all over. I know he was about to wiggle those sexy toes.

Before I knew it, Olivier, under the cover of the tablecloth, had pushed his foot under my skirt! I did my best not to blush or giggle as I felt his toes (obviously he’d slipped off his loafers) creep and crawl their sexy way up my leg, up to my thigh, all the way to the edge of my panties. Carefully I kept my eyes on my plate as his big toe pushed past my panty line and began to stroke my clit. I could hardly keep from moaning as that same toe suddenly thrust itself into my pussy!! Olivier began to fuck my pussy hard with his big toe; all the while he was avoiding my eyes and puffing on a cigarette. I came hard and silently, biting my lip so as not to scream; my mom did ask me why I was shivering.  I could not tell her I was about to wiggle those sexy toes. Because of my hot French brother-in-law, I developed a love of feet. And of what they can do, from an early age.

Did you know that 1 in 7 people have some kind of sexual fantasy about feet?

Good to know I’m not alone! Once a week I treat myself to a foot bath.  Then I use a vibrator to stimulate the nerve endings of my toes. That leads me to an exquisite orgasm every time. Of course, it’s not always fun to play alone…I enjoy sharing sensual pleasures, including foot play, with my partners. Just the other night I introduced a new lover to the sheer joy of having the soles of his feet stroked with a feather; he was practically purring and his cock soon became rock-hard. Once he was properly warmed up I took off my very high heels and wrapped the toes of my right foot around his cock.  I must tell you that I have double-jointed toes and they are extremely talented!  I made him come with the pressure of my digits. As soon as you discover the delicious sensations of foot play, you will be walking on air!

Would you like to discover how to wiggle those sexy toes with Princess Sheridan and transform it into our own Erotic Fairy Tale?

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