An Erotic Fairy Tale – The Cinderella Foot Fetish Sex Story

Foot fetish sex – do you enjoy it as much as I do? Do you have a secret foot fetish? As you can tell from my past fantasy sex stories, I have a knack for twisting well-known stories to my (perverted) liking. So let’s get started with my first erotic fairy tale: The Cinderella Foot Fetish Sex Story!

“Char-charming – I mean Prince, mmmm, so good!” the girl moaned with sheer ecstasy as Prince Charming sucked on her toe, snuggling his tongue against it, guzzling saliva everywhere. Right behind, the prince’s royal retainers looked on with concern, fearing he had lost his mind.

“Mmmmm, yes!” the girl carried on shrieking. “Come on, Prince, fuck me! Please fuck me!” As she continued pleading, Prince Charming got up and whipped out his throbbing cock. The veins bulged in pain with an undeniable hardness. It looked as if his cock had been stuck that way for an unholy amount of time. The girl admired its size, but the prince’s retainers shuffled as they prepared to watch what would be the twelfth round of foot fetish sex today.

The prince didn’t disrobe the girl. Instead, he gripped her foot harder until he raised himself, pressing his cock against it.

The girl looked perplexed. “His Highness will not penetrate me?”

“No, I’m looking for something different.” He began rubbing his cock against her foot. The thrusts were calculated, the power behind each carefully measured. He had become the Master of foot fetish sex over the past decade and gauged her foot with surgical precision.

The girl stared at him in confusion and then glanced at the retainers in search of an answer. None came, and the prince continued for a long time in complete silence. It was foot fetish sex for sure, but completely devoid of any of the appealing eroticism that the girl had expected.

The Prince stopped, panting. The girl’s confusion increased: “Has His Highness finished? I didn’t feel…”

The Prince didn’t answer and motioned to his retainers. They brought in a slipper, transparent and glimmering in the little light of the room. He tried to put it on her foot, but it didn’t fit. The Prince groaned painfully.

“I’m – I’m – I’m sorry!” the girl began stumbling out apologies. “Is it my fault?”

“Quiet!” the Prince hushed her up, cursing another round of unfulfilled foot fetish sex as his retainers looked to the ground. He turned towards them and yelled, “I asked you to find one girl, ONE girl, and you can’t even do that, you useless imbeciles!”

The retainers shrunk their necks like apprehensive turtles. “We apologize, Your Highness, but we have never dealt with a request as complex as this one. How can we know which girl’s foot will fit that slipper…” The one who spoke looked embarrassed. “To, um… to fulfill your foot fetish sex fantasies?”

“Since apparently, all of you are incompetent fools, I guess I’ll have to go find her myself!”

With these words, the Prince threw his clothes on and left, leaving the retainers open-mouthed and the girl with a bad headache, not to mention a very sore foot.

The Prince searched for three days until he came across information that sounded promising. A secretive royal family lived somewhere outside of the city. He had a faint recollection of hearing a few rumors at court. There was a stepdaughter (or two?) who lived at some lavish manor, along with a striking widow, but he didn’t have any recollection of meeting any of them.

He knocked on the door, and a mesmerizing blonde girl answered. Her eyes widened as though she recognized him, but she hid her surprise.

“Can I help you?”

Even if he didn’t recognize her voice, his cock certainly did, growing erect in a matter of seconds. At that moment, he selfishly thought of only three words: foot fetish sex.

He gripped her by the shoulders and pushed her back inside the house.

Scared, she tried to untangle herself. “What are you doing?!”

He didn’t answer and pushed her onto the couch nearby. He slipped off one of her shoes, and began licking her foot. Ignoring her protesting cries, he began fondling his rock-hard cock, preparing for some erotic foot fetish sex.

Cinderella stifled her moans and kept trying to squirm away, but he bit on her sensitive toes each time she did. She soon gave in trying to escape, preparing herself for what was to come. Soon enough, the Prince had removed his pants and was caressing his cock against her foot. His moans were alarming. It sounded as though he was letting out months of built-up repression and need. Of course, she didn’t know that he’d fucked twenty pairs of feet in the past four days without cumming once.

The Prince suddenly stopped, holding his bulging cock. He looked to be in extreme pain. “Please.” He took Cinderella’s glass slipper and placed it on her foot. It slipped on perfectly, leading to a relieved sigh from the Prince.

“Finally,” he muttered as he fell back on his head, cum exploding all around the room from his spurting, throbbing dick.

And they lived happily ever after with lots and lots of foot fetish sex!

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