Wife Stretches Virgin for the First Time!

Many a wife stretches virgin assholes all the time, don’t they?  Well, maybe not all of the time.  Many resigned husbands who are cuckolded by their wives understand the position of cuckold humiliation.  Rather than make the wife upset many men choose to make their wives happy.  Besides, a happy wife equals a happy life, right?  Furthermore, I believe this arrangement is conducive to a spicier sex life.

For example, let’s take the case of my gorgeous friend Beth.  For the most part, she loved her husband but was getting tired of the same old routine time and time again.  I think some of the frustrations came from stress at work coupled with her realization that her husband came way too quickly.  Could you blame the poor woman?  After all, one can only take so much of the same so-so routine.

Generally speaking, Beth became bored and decided to take matters in a direction.  Beth became inspired by a visit to her doctor no less.  Due to an injury Beth had sustained, she had to start physical therapy to strengthen the area of the injury.  In short, Beth was not looking forward to waking up early to go to the sessions.  I’m pretty sure she would have preferred to stay in her bed instead.

Beth never realized a new adventure was beyond the horizon!

Wouldn’t you believe she met someone while at the office?   She met a cute physical therapist.  To summarize, he was a hot dream with dark thick hair, sexy bedroom brown eyes, and muscles to outline that hot body.  In essence, he seemed so different from her husband.  Beth admired his easy way of talking and yes flirting with her.

The training was so hard.  Beth felt every muscle scream for relief.  Well subsequently one thing led to another and the two started a secret relationship.  On one hand, Beth felt ashamed.  On the other hand, this new affair is what she had been missing.  He even taught her so much and opened her eyes to teach her husband how to submit to her demands.  The visits truly inspired Beth for more, to take the most ordinarily bland routine and turn it into sexy satisfaction.

One night her husband came to find his wife in the bedroom all dressed up sexy.  He drooled at her big tits and red lingerie.  He wanted to fuck her so hard.  Beth put a stop to that right then and there.  She ordered her husband to the bed on his back.  At first, her husband whined a bit and then got on the bed.

Wife stretches virgin was all she could think!

First Beth stretched out his ass with her fingers and lubed up the hole.  Her husband struggled at first.  Next, Beth inserted the butt plug into his tight virgin ass.  Of course, husband screamed.  Soon husband began to enjoy her fucking his ass with the plug.  She let it sit in his ass while she fastened his cock with a cage.  His small dick hung in its cage unable to get out.

In the meantime, she distracted him while she got the strap on.  She entered his hole as he screamed and tried to buck her off.  As a rule, she never would’ve done this, but today she was feeling excited and renewed.    The tip found its target!

Beth rode her humiliated husband while she told him of the real man she had met.  Oh yes, this wife had plans for her husband in the future.  She wanted to see his ass stretched to make room for all of the toys she had purchased.  Above all, he would be her little bitch.  She toyed with telling him about the men she was invited over to the house next week, incidentally, that could wait just a bit.

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