The thing that amazes me about a delicious cream pie is the power it can have over someone. 

My friend Charlotte needed to get even with her cheating husband, so she decided to serve him a delicious cream pie.

Her husband, Byran, wasn’t a sissy cuckold. Far from it, he was a very manly guy, a man’s man some would call him. He was often at the gym, drove trucks for a very large trucking company, and loved partying with his bros. None of us in our wildest dreams ever considered him to be anything less of a man. However, he was not a faithful man.

I have a friend who recently became a truck driver. He told me about all the long trips and hard training out there on the road. I have so much respect for truckers as they work hard to deliver things we cannot do without.

You can’t blame the guy, can you?

Well, we couldn’t exactly blame the guy for his cheating, could we? Byran claimed to get lonely being on the road for such long periods of time.

When Charlotte found out that her loving husband of over ten years was cheating on her, she spent many nights crying on the phone with me. She was so upset that he couldn’t keep his fucking dick to himself and that he had to share his “gift” with the ladies. Finally, Charlotte decided she’d had enough of his crap and wanted to get even.

Filled with a delicious cream pie.  

Charlotte was going to do something about it and do something she did. After all, I told her if she didn’t put her husband in line then he would continue to cheat on her. Things certainly weren’t going to continue this way if he wanted to stay married to her.

So, Charlotte slept with anyone she could. One night, Bryan’s co-worker called looking for him. He wanted to meet up since he was passing through, but Byran wasn’t home. So, instead, he invited Charlotte to his hotel room. She didn’t hesitate to go right on over to see him.

Oh, the sex was so good. He had a much bigger dick than her cheating husband and was so much better in bed than Bryan. Her pussy was licked like never before and when he finally slipped inside of that wet pussy, he pounded her into the bed. She spread her long sexy white legs to make way for his huge package.

Time to get even with the cheater. 

The delicious cream pie overflowed inside Charlotte’s pussy, staining her black panties.  Bryan could never do that with his little dick. When he fucked her, he would cum so fast then roll over and go to sleep immediately.

This co-worker must have fucked her pussy at least four times or more spending her like the fine woman she was. When Bryan came home after being with another woman, he went into the shower to wash the smell of pussy off his cock.

However, Charlotte decided not to wash and waited for him to come out of the shower.  She wore her sexy black lingerie. When he saw the black lingerie and stockings on her he knew she wanted dick and he must give it to her or else. But, Bryan became afraid as he had already cum in another woman.

I can’t believe she had a delicious cream pie in there all that time!

His wife knew this of course and proceeded to tease his dick with her hands and feet. His dick got somewhat hard after doing a striptease and stroking his dick. Now, she was ready to feed him her delicious cream pie.

Charlotte sat on his face and made him eat her pussy.  Just when she was about to explode in his face, she releases her pussy muscles and all that cream pie came pouring out.  She laughed so hard as he realized this was not just her pussy, but another man’s dick he was tasting.

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