Unfortunately, today my brother and I were running a little late on getting Dad’s Father’s day gift this year. We told him we were going to run somewhere real quick and be right back. James and I scrambled into the car, expecting it to be an easy, quick shopping trip to the mall. Never expecting some wicked sex magic to encompass our minds. When we got to the mall, the first thing we see inside is protesters all over. Because of them, all of the good stores were blocked from being entered.

However, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an old-looking, dusty antique shop next to us that no one was in or around. “Bubby, this looks perfect! Dad loves old antiques. Let’s check it out!” I say, dragging him into the store with me. Then, after we entered, we noticed how truly dusty and unorganized the place was. “It’s filthy in here,” I said, shaking off some cobwebs on my hand. “Yeah, this place gives me the creeps! Hey Sis, look at this weird monkey fist!” He picks it up and tosses it to me. But luckily, I caught the fist and examined it, laughing at it. “Imagine this fitting up your girlfriend’s fat ass,” I laugh, tossing it back to him. He misses causing it to fall to the ground and break.

Breaking that was too much fun; let’s do another!

Once the fist cracked on the ground, we covered our mouths in shock. “Oopsies” I whispered out. However, I couldn’t help it, the high of breaking the object overtook me, and I went to an antique glass mirror and knocked it off the shelf, completely shattering it. “Fuck Sis, stop, that’s not okay. Come on, sweep it under the shelf and let’s bounce.” Always, my paranoid brother was one to end our fun. Soon after, a voice halted us as we tried to leave. “Stop right there!” Unfortunately, there was no running. We stopped at the voice’s command, unable to make our bodies move. “I’m going to curse you with my wicked sex magic, you insolent little brats. I heard you out here.” Then she waved her hand at us and let us go. “Weird old hag, come on, Sis. Let’s get out of here.”

A wicked smirk replaced her look of shock. “Siblings, eh? That’ll make the curse even more fun” After, she cackled and walked away. He and I exchanged awkward looks but decided to go to a movie store in the mall regardless. Soon, we make it to the store, and we see a Romcom on the TV and a couple passionately kissing. I feel an odd sensation come over me, and I look at him and see him shaking. “Mia, I’m so sorry for this!” He says before grabbing me and kissing me passionately on the lips. I can’t help but kiss back. We are able to part and look at each other weirdly. We find a movie collection for our Dad and leave the mall altogether.

Now there are reminders everywhere!

Getting to the car, we see two teens making on and rubbing on each other, up against their car. I can’t help myself! Next, I push him up against the vehicle, and my hand is down my brother’s pants feeling his rock-hard cock, as I suck on his neck. Soon after, his hands are on my tits and pussy. After the couple leaves, the trance breaks, and both of us blush and climb in. The wicked sex magic is actually working! We say nothing and just listen to the radio. However, every song that plays is something more and more sexual or romantic! We fight our urges the best we can.

Rushing inside, we find porn left on the TV and our father stomping up the last remaining stairs into his room. “Fuck, Dad was watching porn. Turn it off! Hurry!” I quickly command, trying to help find the remote. It’s too late! I find myself on my back and my brother deep in my pussy. We have passionate hot sex.  When the man in the porn cums, my brother, busts his load.

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