Polyamory is definitely one wild ride to be a part of, especially with all the passionate hot sex we have together. Some people just open their relationship up to where each partner can find someone of their own. Not the couple I got with though, I’m lucky to be in the bi-sexual experience of everyone’s dreams. I have the best of both worlds, male and female.

Plus the best thing about my couple, for this submissive whore maid, they both dominate the fuck out of me! I couldn’t be luckier! They indulge in ALL of my kinks and believe me, there are so many. The sadistic-ness of their personalities, the way they tease me and make me blush; it’s all so exhilarating. I can’t imagine a more perfect lifestyle than what I have with my partners.

Being their filthy slutty housecat makes my pussy ache every day!

Waking up every morning I get to lot out the submissive slut in me every day. I always start every day performing passionate hot sex with either my lovely girlfriend or handsome boyfriend. They call me their sweet kitten, and they are my Master and Mistress. I find pleasure in fulfilling all of Their desires. The power exchange between the three of us is unlike any other.

I crawl out of my pet cage and into bed with my Master and Mistress, every morning at 8:00 AM. Sometimes, at 7:00 if I want to be a greedy slut! I’m adorned in my collar, and a plug in my ass, of course. I’ll start by stroking my Master’s cock, and eating out my Mistress’ pussy. Then, I switch to sucking his cock, and fingering her until they both cum.

I can’t forget my chores and tasks from my Master and Mistress.

After I finish pleasing my Owners, I dress in whatever attire they choose for me. Some days it’s something comfy, as a reward for my service. Other days it’s something embarrassing whether just to make themselves laugh, or as punishment. The possibilities are endless with them! Though, I know if I’m a good girl and do all my chores and tasks, I sometimes get rewarded with passionate hot sex.

They don’t make finishing my tasks easy by any means. I swear I can’t get through a load of dishes without my Master pinning me up against the sink and fucking my tight little asshole. Also, my Mistress just coming around the corner while I’m vacuuming, and pinning me against the wall by my throat, and ordering me to cum. It makes me fall into subspace, every single time.

After the day is done, my body is used however they see fit.

My Master and Mistress always take a look around the house and make sure every chore is done. This helps them decide if I deserve passionate hot sex that night or night. Luckily, I was such a good kitten yesterday, they decided to give me extra pleasure. I was allowed to cum whenever and how much I wanted. My Mistress used her wand on my clit and made me squirt at least 6 times. Plus, Master’s cock inside my pussy and ass throughout the whole night had me cumming like crazy too.

Tomorrow, I know I’ll be a great kitten for them again. I can’t pass up this reward anymore. I crave it every single day. Feeling my Master’s cock in each of my holes. Tasting my Mistress’ pussy on my lips all day. I’m the happiest woman in the world to be their precious house kitten.

If you want to know more about my dynamic, I’m always willing to talk about my lifestyle with my BDSM phone sex.