My boyfriend’s foot fetish is taking over.

Foot fetish boys are so much fun to play with! First of all, he actually notices when I wear something sexy to strut around in. I mean, of course guys notice when you’re dressing sexy, but he focuses on what kind of heels I’m wearing. He appreciate’s the effort I put into walking around in six-inch high heels for him, and I love that. Furthermore, he loves to take me shoe shopping so he can watch me pick out and try on my favorites. Not once does he protest! I always thought he was just super-sweet, but lately figured out that it was his kink.

Can you believe I got so lucky?

He’s my little kinkster now, and I make sure he tells me everything he’s thinking. I want to know every kink and fantasy that comes to his mind, though usually they’re all about my heels! He’s definitely the focused kind. His favorite heels are my white pumps.. The small, modest heel on them comes in stark contrast with all my stilettos, so it drives him a bit wild. I can’t blame him at all, and I love developing his foot fetish anyway.. It’s too much fun to play with him and see what he’ll start craving next! Maybe one day he’ll change it up and start loving the tall stripper heels I have in the back of the closet. I’m always looking for an excuse to wear them around and let my crazy side out, so he might be the first one to benefit from that..

I’m thinking of giving him a little sampler plate, or as close as I can get to it. A pair of small, modest pumps, a pair of stilettos, some crazy-tall stripper heels, some strappy ones.. What else comes to mind, boys? What should I spoil this foot slut with?

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