My Two Girlfriends

Where to cum–Anytime I fuck my girlfriend Sadie or my other girlfriend Vanessa, I always need to figure out where to cum. I’ve cum on their tits, their faces, their hair, their cunts, even inside when they were doing some pregnant cock riding. I was fucking Vanessa the other day in the kitchen. We were shaking that whole kitchen island, and I was railing her hard.

She said, “Babe, I’m gonna tell you where to cum,” as she gazed down at my gigantic cock thrusting into her delicious shaved pussy. I was on the edge of my seat and the edge of orgasm because she was so good at holding me there until she sadistically gave the cum-mand. “Cum on the floor and I’ll lick it up like a good girl,” she said, and with that, I blew the biggest load so far.

She Told Me Where To Cum

What a good girl–she got down on her hands and knees, buck naked like a bitch, and licked up my giant load of cum. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes the whole time. Fuck this was hot. Even better than her licking it up was her telling me where to cum. It all reminded me of my pregnant cock riding fantasy.

Next, it was time to leave that bitch panting on the floor and button up. Then I went to pay a visit to my other girlfriend, the redhead bombshell Sadie. I found her naked in the kitchen, save for a flimsy pink apron. She was cooking scrambled eggs and bacon in a pan. Striding up like the masculine man I was, I flung the hot pan aside. Then I took that woman around the waist and said: “Babe, I want you to tell me where to cum.”

I Want You To Tell Me Where To Cum

Well, that apron was quickly jettisoned, and soon we were fucking like rabbits up on the kitchen counter. Demanding like a Daddy Dom, I asked her over and over: “Are you going to tell me where to cum?” hiss-snarling in her delicate ear like a wolf-snake, her red hair flying above us in an electric arc. Sadie moaned and moaned and squealed out: “Yes, Daddy!”

“I want you to cum all over my face, lick it, and kiss me with it, Daddy,” she requested. How could I resist? I came hard: ropes and ropes of sticky thick cum absolutely painted Sadie’s face. She laughed as I licked it up with my thick, sandpapery tongue and kissed her with my cummy mouth.

One More Round

I flipped her over and was ready for round two. Speaking of round, she had the sweetest round ass I’d ever seen. “Sadie, you know I love your ass don’t you?” She cooed and playfully turned her head, tossing that mane of red hair. “If you love it so much, why don’t you cum all over it?” she challenged. I couldn’t believe it–was she telling me where to cum again?

That made me rock hard, and I pounded that sweet ass ‘til I was ready to blow my load. The lady had spoken! She told me where to cum! So I found myself, dick in hand, pumping my sweet load over that sweeter ass, glazing it like a pumpkin donut.

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