And She Comes Out in Six Inch Heels

Six inch heels–Sadie came out of our bedroom and down the stairs. I watched those long legs sexily saunter towards me. Without a word, she spun around in her tight red dress, thigh highs, and six inch heels. “Well? What do you think?” she asked slyly.

Then, I grabbed her around the waist. As a result, she pushed my head down. “Before we leave, I want you to kiss my six inch heels,” she said. Because she said that, I willingly got on my knees and groveled before her. Bending at the waist, I kissed and licked those sexy red leather pumps. My lady moaned, and I quivered. I was almost as turned on as when she told me where to cum

Ruling Me With Her Six Inch Heels

“Lick the heel,” she commanded. I did as told, picking up her delicate foot and stuffing that long red heel in my mouth. Choking on it, I reiterated my devotion to her. After that, she said: “Good, and so you may take me to dinner.” I took one last glance at her six inch heels, and then I rose.

We linked arms and headed out into the cool Missouri night. Because all the stars were out, her six inch heels were like glowing alien portals, drawing me in with their magical charms. “You look ravishing,” I said, practically drooling like a dog. She was my goddess, and I was in her thrall.

Showing Off in Public

“Every time I show you my pumps tonight, you have to touch yourself,” she said. “What?” I protested. “Even at dinner?” And so she explained: “Especially at dinner.” “I want to have a bit of fun with you because I’m in my six inch heels.” This piqued my curiosity and pinged my prick.

After that, I walked behind her, because her ass absolutely popped in that dress, especially with the six inch heels pushing it out even more. She was making me drool. Rubbing my hands together, I anticipated the game. Then, I felt my cock stiffening…

Dinner With Six Inch Heels

Sadie sat down across from me. The waiter brought the menus. He was telling us the specials, and I felt my lady’s heel pop onto my lap. Instant stiffie. I looked into her eyes, and she snarled. Rules were the rules, weren’t they? I touched my growing groin and groaned.

The waiter stopped talking, and I tried to keep it under wraps. He left immediately to get the manager, and I kept stroking my cock. On the other hand, I was feeling those sexy six inch heels. I couldn’t believe she was controlling me with them. Was I going to get in trouble for this public display of sexuality?

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