My husband Ralph and I were college sweethearts and did not regret a single day since we met 30 years ago.  We were both hot and heavy in our careers, and we had three beautiful children.  Our lives could not be better, except our sex life needed some attention!  We spend so much time working and taking care of the children that we forgot how to take care of each other!  We tried other things like phone sex, but it did not give us the spark we needed.  So, we decided to play a game!  The game was called “Where should we fuck next?”

Where should we fuck first?

Every place we went, alone, with each other or other people, we were frantically texting each other.  The text messages contained pictures of places we could fuck.   Outside, inside, public – — all types of places that we could fuck!  We realized that we both like to be watched, so this was the perfect game to give a spark to our relationship.  After a week of text messages, we decided on our first rendezvous location.  We settled on the driveway right in front of the house!  In order to have plenty of time before the children came home from school, we were going to leave work early.  It had been an exceedingly long time since we fucked in the daylight hours.

The day finally arrived . . . 

Finally, the first day of our “Where should we fuck next?” game had arrived.  In order to arrive on time, I left work at 12 noon sharp, and I did not even stop to get lunch; I drove straight home.  All I could think about was fucking Ralph in the middle of the day where someone could see us.  The thought of getting caught made me so horny that by the time I got home, my pussy was dripping wet with anticipation.  I pulled into the driveway, and my husband was already home.  We had arranged for him to get in my car because it was bigger, and I had put all the seats down and cleaned out the back.

My car or yours?

When he got in the SUV, we both climbed in the back, and we did not say a word to each other.   He grabbed me by the sides of my face and shoved his tongue down my throat, biting my lips in between.  As Ralph is kissing me, he is undressing me.  As I am kissing Ralph, I am trying to release his huge dick from his slacks’ confines.  Finally, I was able to get the belt undone and slide the zipper into the southernmost position.  Even as I am getting ready to put my mouth on my husband’s stiff rod, all I can think about is where we will fuck next?

I hope we get caught . . .

We were both naked in the back of my SUV in the middle of the day in the driveway in front of our house.  Could anyone see us? Was someone watching?  What if we get caught bumping uglies in the car?  Although these were the thoughts that were running through my mind as I slurped on Ralph’s rock-hard pecker, I did not stop.  I licked and sucked and gagged until I could feel him twitch just before ejaculation, and I stopped.  Determined to feel his manhood balls-deep inside me before he erupted.  I straddle Ralph, grabbed his cock, and flicked my clit with the head before I thrust it inside me.   Then I began to bounce up and down on his shaft as he grinned from watching my ‘DD’s’ bounce.  Oh, his dick was so hard!  He had not been this hard in years.

The eruption!

I could feel him deep inside me, stretching me out like he used to.  Ralph grabbed me by my hips and thrust his hard pleasure rod into my tight pink pearl and then let out a loud grunt along with, “Babe, I’m cumming!”  Immediately I could feel his HOT sticky baby batter being expelled into my honey pot.  I stayed on top of him and squeezed the walls of my vagina to drive him crazy.  I laid down next to him and snuggled right next to him.  He pulled me closer, scooping me into the crease of his armpit, and he kissed me on the forehead.  I thanked him, told him I loved him, and asked – – – Where should we fuck next?

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