The Long Family

Nathan and Janet Long live in the suburbs with their three children, April, Ariel, and Austin.  The Longhouse was buzzing more than normal.  April Long, the oldest of their three children, was going to be 18 in two weeks.  This made Nathan and Janet so excited because she would be the first in this generation to become part of a family thing that they started when they were married 20 years prior.

The day finally arrived.

As the weeks went by, Nathan and Janet gave hints to their precious April about how her birthday would be — A day she would never forget; better than hot phone sex and apple pie!  Then finally, the day arrived!  April and her family went out for a night on the town that included dinner and dancing.  The family returned home, and everyone retired to their rooms for the evening, except April and her parents.

The Rite of Passage

“April, your dad and I have a special surprise for you,” Janet said, “Your night is not over yet!”

Janet and Nathan escorted April to the guest house that was decorated especially for her birthday.  When they walked through the door, they each had special clothing that they were to change into.  Janet and April had ‘baby doll’ lingerie sets with matching panties in April’s favorite color, lime green.  Nathan had lime green silk lounge pants.  After everyone was changed, Janet and Nathan sat on the bed with April to explain her surprise.

“April,” Janet begins, “You are an amazing member of this family.  When your dad and I were married twenty-plus years ago, we began doing something together, and a few years later, when you were born, we decided that we would include our children and make this a family affair.”

“Your mother loves Big Black Cocks, and I love your mother!” Nathan exclaimed.  “When I learned that your mother loved BBC, I did not want to LOSE her, so; I decided to JOIN her!  Your mother has had many Black Cocks over the years, and now she wants to share that love with you.”

Janet continues, “While we were out earlier tonight, I selected a beautiful specimen of a man to be your first BBC.  We will share him while your father looks on in his favorite chair as he always does.”

He Arrives . . .

Before April could express her feelings to her parents about the family affair, there was a knock at the door.  Janet answers the door, and a tall, handsome, brown man with a chiseled physique filled the doorway. The handsome young man was also wearing a pair of lime green lounge pants with no shirt to show his build.

As soon as the door closed, he began kissing Janet.  April sat on the edge of the bed, watching as her mother indulged in deep French kisses with the sexy stranger, and Nathan had already retired to his favorite chair.  They finally made it over to the bed, and Janet pushed him down onto the bed next to April.  He grabbed her by the waist and sat her on top of his chest.  “You are very beautiful,” says the caramel-colored stranger.  “You can call me Big Daddy, and I will be as gentle as I can with you tonight!”

The Banging Begins

Big Daddy took off the lime green top that April was wearing and began ravishing her perky tits that did not look large but far from tiny.  As he buried his face in April’s breasts, he was using two of his large fingers to make Janet’s MILF pussy ooze all over the bed.  Moments later, Big Daddy lifts April off his chest, lays her on her back, and throws her legs in the air.  At the same time, he puts Janet in the same position.  Big Daddy had both mother and daughter’s legs in the air, going back and forth licking their cunts with his thick, wet tongue.  He used his full lips to suck on their raised clits, and he used the fingers on his mammoth hands to make their pussy’s pop to near explosion.

Big Daddy made sure that the pussies were wet to his satisfaction, then he took his big black cock in his hand and slid in.  April was the first!  Her body jerked, and she moaned as Big Daddy stuffed inch after inch into her sweet young pussy.  Simultaneously, Big Daddy was still finger fucking Janet. The more inches he shoved into April, the more fingers he put into Janet!

The Finale!

Big Daddy is stroking April harder and deeper.  With every thrust, she is moaning and squirming, trying to run away from him.  Now he had his fist in Janet, gouging her pussy with every thrust. She is also moaning loudly and trying to get away.  Nathan is in the corner in his favorite chair, moaning with excitement as he watched his wife and his daughter get pleasured.  He loved to see Janet being stretched out!  April begins to yell out, “OMG, something is happening!”  Big Daddy slides his dick out of April’s pussy, and she begins to squirt everywhere.   When she was finished squirting, she let out a huge moan and passed out.  Nathan yells out, “I’m cumming,” and he releases his man sauce so hard it hits the ceiling.  Then he passes out.

Big Daddy takes his fist out of Janet’s  pussy.  He was determined to unload his jizz inside of her, so inserts his big black dick and starts pounding her pussy hard from the first stroke.  Before long, they both yell out to announce their orgasms.  Big Daddy gets a cum shower, and Janet gets the biggest cream pie of her life.

The Next Morning

Nathan, Janet, and April woke up realizing they had passed out from the family thing and slept through an entire day!  Nathan and Janet hugged April and expressed to her how proud they were.  “How were your birthday and your induction into the family thing?” Nathan and Janet said in unison.  After a long pause, April says, “I thought the induction into the family thing was supposed to be a random Big Black Cock?  Big Daddy, and I have been fucking for nearly six months!”

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