I have some really hot college sex stories to share with you!

Do you want to hear about some of the wild college sex stories I have to share? My parents were ultra-conservative, and they didn’t even want me to date. They were also super religious so I couldn’t wait to move out! Now that I’m in my first year of college I have definitely been making up for a lost time! One of my absolute favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to frat parties! I swear that’s one of the best parts about being in a sorority.

One of my hot sex stories I want to share with you is about something I did just yesterday. It was my day off from work and school so I was really ready to let loose. I had no idea just how loose I would get though! I slipped into a black leather mini skirt that was so soft and just clung to my round ass. For a top, I had on the tiniest little red silky halter with no bra underneath. Then I slipped on a little red g string and a sexy pair of red stilettos. Heads were definitely turning when I walked into that frat house and I was loving every second of it!

Even though I’m way too young to be drinking I just couldn’t resist. They had these yummy fruity shots that went down like candy! I had so many that I lost count. When I get tipsy I always get super horny and that’s where all my yummy college sex story adventures come in! Dancing is one of my absolute favorite things to do, but I have to admit I’m a dirty dancer. I was grinding all over some really hot guys and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to fuck. So instead of choosing, I fucked them all! Or maybe I should say they fucked me. There were at least five of them. I had so much cum shot inside of me that it was dripping down the inside of my thighs. I can’t wait for the next frat party.

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