My Uncle Mark helped me discover my tickle fetish!

My Uncle Mark came to visit us from out of town for a couple of weeks and OMG! He helped me discover that I have a wicked tickle fetish! He was so hot I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean I know we’re related and all but family fun took on a whole new meaning for me. Something just came right over me and I couldn’t resist flirting with him every chance I got. I’m so glad the weather has been warmer cause that meant I could wear less clothing.

One night, it was just the two of us home alone. Mom and dad went out to dinner with some friends. Uncle Mark volunteered to keep an eye on me and it was the best night ever! It started out with us watching a movie together. We popped some popcorn and I had on my favorite little betty boop pajama short set. I love it because it shows off my long legs and my perky little tits to perfection. When I came down the stairs I could feel his eyes on me. He tried to look away before I noticed but it was too late.

I sat down on the couch super close to him and that’s when he reached out and started to tickle me. I couldn’t believe how ticklish I was. The feel of his big warm fingers sliding across my bare midsection made me tingle! I giggled and tried to twist away but when he saw how ticklish I was he couldn’t seem to help himself. His fingers started roaming all over my tight teen body, trying to discover every single inch of me that was ticklish.

It wasn’t long before he noticed what a massive tickle fetish I had. The more he tickled me the wetter my little pussy got and my giggles started turning to moans. When I twisted around a little too close to his body, I could feel just how turned on Uncle Mark was too. He was rock hard and pressing right against my little bottom. Somehow we both ended up with our clothes off, and his cock buried deep inside of me. I had the most intense orgasm and he shot such a huge sticky load of cum that it was dripping down the inside of my thighs. I sure hope he comes to visit more often!

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