Are you ready to get me wet and messy?

We can do it however you want, babe. Have me get wet and messy as I eat the sloppiest ice cream sundae, or maybe give me a mud bath neither of us will ever forget. If wet and messy is what you’re looking for, we can pick the perfect way to dive right in on our fetish phone sex call.

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed many videos of sexy sluts taking pies to the face, enjoying a naked roll in the mud, or even diving face-first into a sloppy plate of barbeque, but bringing me to the table changes the game. I want to get as decadent and debaucherous as possible, and I have no hangups about humiliating myself.

I love this type of humiliation!

Whether it’s you or me getting put in our place with our wet and messy fun, I don’t care. The thing is that most important is that we lay down the tarp and get wild! If we mix in a little mukbang or humiliation fetish…all the better! Honestly, any fetish is wonderful in combination with WaM! I especially love lactation, impreg, and femdom…

I mean, can you think of anything sexier than me dripping in thick, sticky cream? There are some very naughty things to try, and a few of them will remind us both of the lovely and devilishly delicious cum fetish.

Just picture it!

We put the bright blue tarp on the floor and you look at me expectantly. I move to the center of the tarp wearing my sexiest black lingerie. Heels, stockings, garter belt, thong, and bra…all soft and silky, and ready to be ruined forever! You bring in bucket after bucket of the wettest, messiest sauces. Once you get them all arranged, you look at me. I can feel how eager you are to cover my entire body in these wet and messy things. My eyes say “do your worst!”. 

You pick up the first bucket and pour it over my tits. It’s so cold it gives me goosebumps, but I don’t run from it. I tip my head back and accept every last drop, running my hands over the ruined silk. It feels so sensual! Our WaM fetish is such a tactile experience. I gather some of the liquid in my hands and use it to coat my ass and pussy. Then, I lick my fingers clean and wait for more.

You tell me to put some on my face, so I grab a handful of the yellow sauce and heap it over my eyes and nose, letting you see me as the hilariously sexy whore you’ve been dying to witness. There’s a part of me that wants to drag you into my wet and messy tarp, covering you just like me. I control myself as you grab the second bucket.

I smell this one before you reach me. It’s bbq sauce. You smile down at me and tell me you’ve left a few morsels in this one, but if I feel like eating them I can only use my face.

Challenge accepted!

You pour this bucket directly onto the tarp in front of me, letting me choose my fate. It’s so sloppy, and I am feeling like a little piggy, so I lean over the bbq sauce and ribs and desperately start gnawing the meat from the bones. 

I kneel down, my hands behind my back to keep me from cheating and bury my face in the mess. It tastes so good! Once I get a little piece of meat to chew, I rest my cheek on the floor. My ass is in the air as I chew my little piece of meat and look at you. There’s nothing to do now but get even messier for you. I roll over onto my side, letting the bbq splash over the tarp, and I roll like a good little piggy, completely coating myself.

My mind is torn between getting another bite or luxuriating in the smells and sensations of being in one of the biggest wet and messy sessions of my life. I’m not one to limit myself so I choose both. My tongue wraps around another bone, and I use my hands to pour the bbq sauce all over myself.

Do you want to know what happens next? Or perhaps we can create a story all our own…call me, we’ll make it the wildest night of your life!

Phone Sex Free