Werewolf Transformation Fetish Fantasy!

Werewolf: that’s what my boyfriend became. I was shaking so bad, but it was so erotic at the same time. My neck hurt, but he had already backed away from me.

I was breathing heavy. I could visibly see my chest rising and falling with each breath. There was a throbbing sensation deep in my pussy. It pulsed, tingled, and ached.

Turning my gaze upward to the full moon (completely visible now, the cloud had gone away). As I stared my skin felt itchy. Looking back down at my body I saw hair start to grow all over it. My nipples ached and my tits started to swell. They got larger and firmer.

Every sensation I felt could be traced back to my dripping wet pussy. The primal need to fuck filled my head.

I turned to the mirror hanging on my wall. My teeth ached and I saw them elongate into fangs. My face tingled as a snout started to form. And my ears felt hot. I watched, unable to control any of it, as they grew to points on top of my head.

My fur was white, sprouting all over my body now. My hands hurt as they turned into claws. Feet did the same.

Anything I felt, no matter which part of my body it started from, it all felt like shock waves, like lightning bolts of energy that shot directly to my hungry pussy between my hairy legs.

I blinked, my eyes still focused on the mirror. When I reopened my eyes they had turned a bright gold.

That’s when the throbbing between my legs intensified. I felt a tug right above my ass. My spine was growing. I turned my eyes to look behind me, but I stumbled and fell to the floor on all fours. I looked behind me again and saw my tail start to protrude. So I focused on it and got it to wiggle a little bit.

I knew my werewolf transformation was complete. Now it was time to feed the hunger that was pulling so hard at my pussy that it felt like cramps in my lower belly. I needed to get my pussy pounded hard so bad it physically hurt.

My eyes settled on the only thing that would satisfy my burning hot desire. When I looked at my boyfriend’s cock, I blinked again, because it had almost doubled its’ regular size. That’s how I knew his cock was the only one that would satiate my intense, passionate lustful desires.

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