Some new people moved in next door last month and as soon as I took one look at the husband, I knew I was going to have his cock .He  flirted with me when his wife wasn’t around, staring at my tits each time we’d meet. I couldn’t help noticing that he had a healthy bulge in his running shorts and it had me  getting really hot for him. His  wife seemed really nice, too, but it didn’t matter. That cock was going to be mine. Now, how to get it. I decided to invite my new neighbors over for dinner, a welcome to the neighborhood get together, nothing too fancy, but I had to make my move. They agreed to come over and once they did I started my plans in motion.

As we were eating, I slipped off my one shoe and raised my foot to his crotch under the table. I swear I thought he was going to drop his fork he looked so shocked as he felt my foot on his cock. His wife even asked him what was wrong and he just said he’d bitten his tongue by accident. I continued to squish my toes all over his cock and balls and felt him get hard. The rest of the evening was a bit awkward as I did things like this and he didn’t seem to mind, he was just surprised at my brazen behavior. Yes.. I am a naughty neighbor =)

As his wife was walking out the door ahead of him I told him I wanted his cock and I was leaving my door unlocked and expected him to come over once his wife was asleep. He muttered he couldn’t, but I smirked back and said, you can. Three hours later I heard my door open and he came into my bedroom saying he shouldn’t be doing this. I told him to get undressed and lay on the bed. I straddled his face and he licked my pussy until I creamed all over his face. His lips sucking in my pussy lips, flicking my clit back and forth, driving me insane as I came over and over. I finally lowered myself down onto his cock and started to ride him. He literally winced with how tight I am as I started to grind on him and have his dick graze my clit with every movement of my hips.

He grabbed at my tits and pinched my nipples as I rode him hard and fast and felt his balls tighten up underneath me and me start to shudder on his cock and feel it building up as I came all over his cock which soon spilled its load inside my cunt and filled me up. I then went back up to his mouth and told him to lick out that cum and his face soon looked like a glazed donut as it became smeared with our juices.

I went down and sucked on his slippery dick and licked it clean of our passion as he shot yet another load of cum down my throat. I smirked as I thought of his clueless sleeping wife next door as I was fucking her husbands brains out in my bed. I’m glad I went after him, his cock felt fantastic and it was going to be convenient with him just being next door, I hope this becomes a regular thing, I need it.


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