I love finding a new weird fetish!

My friend has a weird fetish; he wants to box me in a boxing ring!  I decided to meet him up to the box and see what it was all about.

I met up with him yesterday and wore my new, pink boxing gloves and got into the ring.  We circled each other briefly and I moved in to punch him hard in the nose.  I ducked as he tried to punch me in my jaw.  He whirled around and slammed his fist into my stomach.

I stumbled back, winded.  Straightening up, I came in for an uppercut to his jaw. He yelled out, surprised that I gave him such a good shot.  We started to circle again, gloves up, protecting our faces. He moved in quickly and punched me in my stomach again, making me fall to my knees this time.

On my knees, he pulled me closer to him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock.  Pulling my hair back, he shoved his cock into my mouth.  I gagged as he fucked my face, drool running down my chin.

He pulled his big hard cock out and pushed my face down onto the ground, pulling my shorts down.  I felt his cock enter my tight wet pussy as he held on to my hips.  He fucked me hard, my face pressed hard on the mat, my pussy wet and dripping.

We both came right there on the mat in the boxing ring.  He rolled off of me, breathing hard.

“Thank you for that. Not too many girls would indulge in my weird fetish,” he said.

I laughed hard and said, “What are friends for?”

Next time, it’s your turn: we’re trying hard pegging!


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