My Pegging Fetish isn’t going to be hidden any longer!

I love to be in charge during sex. It’s become a fetish for me.  I have to be the one doing the fucking now, I’ve developed a pegging fetish!

I love to strap on a nice, big cock and have a guy suck on it.  They need to get it nice and lubed up because he knows where it’s going very soon.

Once my cock is nice and wet, I tell him to get on all fours and slide my big cock along his tight little hole.  His cock starts to get hard just feeling my cock pressed against him.  I start to slide my big cock inside his dirty fun-hole.

His tight hole opens up for me as I start to fuck his ass.  I love watching my big cock sliding in and out of his dirty little hole.  He moans and strokes his cock as I fuck him hard.  I move faster as I can tell he’s getting close to cumming.

He’s a naughty little freak, so we move him onto his back and move his legs in the air, positioning his cock so he can shoot his load all over his face and hopefully get it in his mouth.  I love watching him eat his own cum, especially when I am the reason he is cumming so hard, to begin with.

He grunts loudly and his load starts to spurt out of his big cock, he shoots it onto his lips and mouth, his tongue licking around to pick up every drop that misses a direct hit.

I love when I have a hot guy cumming on my big dick. Who else needs some rough sex?


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