Weird Fetish: If You’ve Got One, Take Me Around Your World

Dear Perverts, I admit it – I’m a girl who loves fetishes. I admit that I do encounter many different fetishes in this line of work, but I want more! Do you have a weird fetish and you’re looking for the right girl to explore it with? I might be the perfect girl for you.

So when is it simply a fetish and when is it a weird fetish?


Most people who have fetishes are made to think that they’re all weird, no matter what they are. To me, the weirder the better. I love exploring a guys weird fetish world and using my creative mind to get him off hard! But sometimes I wonder, doesn’t everyone have a fetish? Even some vanilla guys – they can’t cum unless they’re fucking the pussy of a girl in the same position every time. Isn’t that technically a fetish too? In my opinion, the vanilla rules of sexuality are more of a weird fetish than a guy who likes to crossdress or loves getting farted on.


If you’re looking for someone to act out your weird fetish with minus the judgment, calling phone sex is perfect for that.


I’m playful, creative and I listen. Even if you’re a little bit shy about your fetish, you can still talk to me about it and I will make it feel totally real. I won’t stop until you’ve shot your load everywhere (unless you don’t want to)! Come on and surprise me, challenge me…My pleasure is YOUR pleasure. Come to me with the weirdest of weird fetishes. I love them all and I want to get wild and weird with you!

Some of my favorites are pantyhose, crossdressing, potty play, rubber, burping, fingernails, feet, sniffing and snuff. But it doesn’t stop there – I’m a playful slut who loves to get weird!


Bring it to me, baby. Hot fetish phone sex will be your favorite secret indulgence! Call me soon to get all your fetish needs satisfied!

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