Perhaps it’s cheap to write a redux of the perversions I enjoy in the form of a list.

Well, I’m not cheap, but I’m feeling sassy today and not only do I love perversions, but I love reading lists. I get asked a lot what my “specialty” is, and still being relatively new to phone sex, sometimes I wonder myself! What is my specialty? The more I thought about it, I realized…I love trying new things, but I definitely have some kinks that come naturally to me. My real life specialty is being a nasty perverted slut, but how exactly does that translate in the world of hot phone sex? So I asked myself, what turns me on the most?


These are some of the perversions that I love partaking in, talking about and watching, in no particular order:


1) Feet! I love taking care of my feet and the soles and arches of my feet are extremely sensitive. When I was a little girl I was always turned on by the “footsie scene”, where the woman would take off her high heel under the table and slowly slide her foot up the man’s pant leg and tickle him between his legs with her toes. Ever since then, I’ve thought a gorgeous pair of feet belong on a raging hard cock. Many of you already know, I love to have my feet played with, sucked and fucked.

Which brings me to the next subject!

2) Pantyhose! I am so aroused by the tight, silky feeling of pantyhose. Every time I wear them, I can be caught running my fingernails up and down my legs or rubbing my legs against each other. I love the way they feel, the way they look, I love the sensation of being touched in them. The first time a guy slid his hands under my skirt while I was wearing pantyhose, I felt lightheaded as a rush of blood filled my clit and my pussy started to drip. I even love the way they smell and feel after taking them off. Grinding my pussy up against a man’s cock while we’re both wearing pantyhose is one of the most intense sensations for me…I can cum almost right away!

3) Cross-Dressing! What can I say? I’m a rock and roll girl. All of my first very sexual crushes were on cross-dressing rock and rollers. Men who cross dress turn me on an insane amount. I love makeup, lingerie, dresses, high heels…as far as he will go! Something about fucking a cock that’s attached to a man who looks like a woman…you have to understand, I could soak my panties right now thinking about it! It turns me on so much.

I know you want me to degrade you when you look all dolled up and slutty…but I just want to fuck the shit out of you!

4) Rubber! The look, the feel, the smell, the taste…I love powdering myself up and squeezing into rubber clothing…it is one of the most sensual feelings I know of. I adore the way skin sticks to it, the sight, sound and sensation of being spanked in it…some people like leather, but I love that shiny, tight, suffocating material on my body, the way it plays with my curves, how it makes everything look so impossibly perfect and artificial…and the XXX factor. Once I was at a party wearing a rubber dress and didn’t realize it started to tear and before I knew it, it exploded off of my body and all I had on underneath was a garter belt. I had to take a taxi home naked under my coat besides rubber stockings and a rubber garter belt…and I loved it.

5) Bisexual Men! I hope I’ve made it clear by now that I love watching men with other men. I love taking two cocks of course, but it’s all the more fun when the two guys enjoy each other as much as they enjoy me. We don’t have to call it bisexuality – I don’t care if you’re out or open about your sexuality, as long as you know what to do when a cock is in your face. I love watching, and I love taking part in the fun…

but watching a man submit to and pleasure another man is one of my favorite sights. Especially when they are doing it to turn me on too…It works like a charm!

I hope you don’t think these are the only perversions that turn me on…There is certainly much, much more where that comes from. To find out the rest, you might have to call me up and tell me a little bit about yourself…I’m sure we have more in common than you think!

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