Some may call it a weird fetish but I think it is so fucking hot whenever a guy sucks his own dick for me. Honestly knowing that a guy is jerking off for me is great. Then, if he is willing to eat his own cum load that is even hotter. If you can ad slurping onto your own fuckstick to that then you are a masturbation dream. So let’s go ahead and work this shit out. Start with a pre masturbation stretch. Be sure that you are plenty hydrated and comfortable in whatever spot you pick to play.

There are a few different ways that you can suck your own cock. However, I think with your shoulders to the mattress and ass in the air is the easiest way. That way, you can do a crunch upside down and drop your dipstick right into your mouth.

Weird Fetish: I Love Watching A Guy Jerk Off And Eat His Own Cum!!!


Although, I hope that you do not think you will be the only person playing with yourself. After all, I did tell you that I thought it was a turn on to suck your own dick. Therefore, I will be sitting right next to you with my legs spread wide open. With one hand on my pussy, I will play with myself as I whimper for you to stroke it for me.

Then, I will take my foot and place it on your back pushing your ass further. Stroke your cock towards your mouth. I want you to milk every last drop of your prawn sauce right into the back of your throat. When you cum it is going to make me squirt all over the place. Faster baby, jerk your fuck stick faster. Reach out with your hand and stuff fingers inside of my tight pussy. Let me ride your fingers and finger bang myself till we both…EXPLODE! Drench yourself baby and swap that cummy kiss with me! Fuck yea!

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