Let us stand in remembrance of our weird fetish this weekend…

Dear Perverts: I know you have a weird fetish you’ve been keeping a secret. Try as you might, you can’t keep secrets from me. But let’s be real, you don’t want to! I’ll get in your head like no one else ever has and make you confess it all! Don’t think you’re the only one that has a weird fetish, because you’re not. You know that even I have a few in my closet. If you’re extra good, maybe I’ll tell you mine too.

Maybe you like to play sex games, or you get hard when you see your sister bending over.

It doesn’t matter what it is, I’m sure as hell not going to judge you for it…Well fucking a spaghetti squash I might giggle a little, but we can work with it! Some of your pervs love to be judged anyway.

You should know by now that I’ll try anything at least once. How else can I know if I like something if I never try it? Do you think you can stump me with a fetish I’ve never heard of or tried? I’m all ears! Bring it on, dirty boys! I’ve seen it all, or so I think. Let’s keep turning up the taboo until the devil himself blushes.

Keeping your weird fetish all locked up in secret isn’t healthy!

We need to get that all out in the open and see what we can do with it. I’ll get us started. One of mine for one of yours… I have a hair fetish. I love when a man has a little 5 o’clock shadow that I can feel against my skin when he’s kissing my body or eating my pussy. It is like a shot of electricity running through my body right into my clit. Instant wet pussy.

So come on you naughty little pervs, give me a call and let me hear about your weird fetish. I shared mine, now you need to share yours! Get ready for some of the hottest fetish phone sex you could ever imagine!

The Best Phone Sex!