It never occurred to me that I might have a hair fetish!

Dear Perverts…wow. A couple of days ago one of my friends told me she thinks I have a rather moderate hair fetish. At first, I didn’t believe her, but once I read the characteristics of hair fetishism I realized I absolutely do.


I’m obsessed with hair.


Head hair mainly. I love letting someone else brush my hair, wash my hair, I love having my hair pulled during sex and I love getting my hair cut. I’ve had all different hairstyles over the years, different colors, short, long, straight, curly, wavy…I think for the time being I’m settled on my long fiery red hair, I love it. When a man runs his fingers through my silky hair, it lights up my whole body!

I also love playing with men’s hair, too.


I pay a lot of attention to hair. Next, to the eyes, it’s probably the thing I notice first about a man. When a man pays attention to his hair, I pay attention.


Long or short, it doesn’t matter. Running my fingertips over a fresh haircut, massaging the scalp, getting my fingers through the longer parts…yum. I never thought about how much this drives me crazy before my friend brought it up to me. Not everyone is as obsessive about hair as I am, apparently. I am closer to having a hair fetish than normal. I had no idea.

Do you have a hair fetish too?


Wash my hair, brush it, stroke it…even cut it! I would love to explore this fantasy. Pull my sexy red hair while you fuck me, stroke it while I suck you…The sky’s the limit to what how we can play. All phone sex is bespoke for your pleasure, but fetish phone sex is even more tailored to you! If you have a hair fetish like I do, I think I can take the eroticism to a whole new orgasmic level…

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