Webcam show gets put on for me and everyone else.

Webcam show was the nicest punishment you could receive.  You lied, made me feel like ‘I’ was the crazy one, and you soiled what belonged to me.  All I did was out you for it.  You should be thanking me for freeing you of the lie you live everyday.  Sure, everyone is going to laugh at your prissy, sissy ass from now on, but at least they’ll know the real you.

My lingerie was going missing

Every now and then, I’d find a piece or two missing, and  I  had a sneaking suspicion my dirty panties never made it to the laundry room at all.  When I asked you if my purple, lace long and matching bra got mixed in with your stuff, you laughed and told me that I need to look after my things more.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  Desperate, I did the only thing I could to; set up a camera.

My webcam would show me the truth

My hard drive could handle it.  I just needed to turn my webcam on, download a program that lets you record everything, cover the light with some black tape, and go to bed.  Doing this for a few days would either reveal an invader or reveal that I am insane.  Well, it turns out I didn’t even need to wait until I went to sleep.  Who should come into my room while I was in the shower and steal the dirty panties I JUST took off?  You.  I had cheerleading practice that day AND I went to the gym.  You knew this and still went for the dirty, sweaty ones.  Now I knew.

So what next?

I had to find out what you were doing with them.  Were you just being a jerk brother and stockpiling my undies somewhere just to be an ass, were you selling them, or did they have a different use?  The answer was door number three.  You see while YOU were in the shower, I did a few things to that old desktop computer of yours that you barely use anymore.  I rigged it to be mirrored on my computer, turned your cam on, started recording for evidence, and let the screen saver kick in.  Then I invited some of my friends over for ‘movie night’.

What we all saw was amazing

You locked your door first.  We all had to laugh at that.  Then, when you thought you were alone, you stripped completely, which made everyone laugh even harder.  We hadn’t bathed together since we were kids, but I did kind of assume you had grown at least a LITTLE between then and now.  As embarrassing as it would be to find out all of my friends now knew you had a baby dick, that was the least of your worries.  After taking of your underwear, you put my panties — my filthy panties — on!  I couldn’t believe it.  What’s worse is I could see your tiny little micro cock getting hard in them.

“Ooo, daddy you’re making my pussy soooo wet!”

You teased at your nipples and began to run your hands all over your body, wiggle your hips, and play with your cocklette like a clit through your panties.  You were putting on one hell of a webcam show for me and my friends.

“My dirty clitty needs you daddy, and so do my pussies.”

So, you spread your legs so that we could get a good look at how acting like a little faggot slut was affecting you during your little webcam show.  Then you started wiggling your tongue as if beckoning for some hard, alpha, daddy cock to use it.  Well, mission fucking accomplished.  Some of the jocks I invited over were, too.  In fact, they’re getting up as we speak.  So, as the girls and I continue to watch you perform for us, your locked door suddenly swings open with five of the guys staring you down.  I offered the girls more popcorn.

How badly are you going to get it?  Do you think anyone at the party will be willing to keep your dirty secret after this?  I guess it all depends on how well you treat your new daddies.  Call my phone sex line and show me what a real slut you are.