I vet all my little fucking piggies. As a sexy findom slut, it is necessary I only choose the wealthy pay pigs for my subs. It is a sure way to make sure they never run out of money or tributes.

Of course, this girl loves to go shopping. And, by only letting men with lots of money into my stable, I am sure to get lots of trips to the stores. Furthermore, it is easy to see who the real money men are too.

A lot of guys try to lie and say they have tons of dough, but I am smarter than the average bear. In fact, I challenge any guy to try me. It is a given I will know if they are a poser or truly rich.

Wealthy pay pigs take me to nice places to shop too.

We aren’t doing Walmart or the cheap places. They are taking me to the finest stores. Gucci, Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, and Coach, just to name a few of my faves.

Additionally, I love jewelry. Beautiful fucking sparkling jewelry of all kinds. All my little pigs know too. Therefore, it is their duty to bring me lots of trinkets and treasures.

Furthermore, with wealthy pay pigs, all of these items are of the best quality and value. That means, if I dump that little pig, I can still make money off of his stupid ass.

You always have to have a backup in your plans.

I love this lifestyle and no one is taking it away from me. That means, planning for when a sub fucks up. You see, I don’t tolerate shit from any of my piggies. One strike and you are out bitch!

This sexy findom slut runs a tight ship. And, I am more than fucking happy to make the losers walk the plank on their way out. Besides, if I let you into my world and you fuck up, you don’t deserve another chance.

In fact, that is another reason I only choose wealthy pay pigs. They are smart men. A lot of them have worked hard for their money. Of course, they also know about failure and how to avoid it.

Rarely do my wealthy pay pigs mess up.

They recognize how valuable a chance with me is. And, they don’t want to be out of the fold. All of them know I am a powerful findom goddess that they must bow down to.

It is rare that they get out of line. However, once in a while a pig decides to test me. He is an example for all the others. I fuck him up and cut him loose without a minute of sleep lost.

There are always more wealthy pay pigs begging to bow down to me. And, I am open to a full stable of subs. Of course, the more I have, the better my lifestyle. It is a win-win.

They come to be because they want a strong, sexy woman ruling over them.

Of course, I am the whole package too. Brains, beauty, and strength. I am smarter than them. Most of them accept that. Although my piggies are smart mother fuckers as well.

How do you think they got so fucking wealthy? They are smart, savvy, and know how to make me happy. Some of them are callers on my hot phone sex chat.

I love having them crawl across a room to prove their loyalty. Then, we go shopping with all their sexy credit cards and cash. Clothing, purses, jewelry, cars, anything I want, I fucking get.

So, are you one of those wealthy pay pigs looking for a sexy findom slut to rule over you? Or, are you a poor fucking loser that needs my humiliation? Either way, call me now to play!