Being a powerful Goddess comes naturally to me. Of course, it is a rush and keeps my sexy tight pussy juicy all the time. All I need to say is, “Come here pay piggy,” and I start dripping.

Additionally, that is when my little pay pigs bow down to serve and obey their Goddess. Furthermore, most of them are fucking losers that have a shit ton of money but need a strong woman to exploit them.

Of course, that is where I come into their lives. I am here telling them exactly what to do every step of the way. Hell, they aren’t even stroking their pecker without my permission.

That is the fucking power of my “come here pay piggy” lifestyle!

All my little bitches know the rules and how important it is to follow them. Similarly, they know what happens when they don’t. I love punishing them. That really is a fucking turn-on!

I bring out my Sultry MILF Humiliation and devour their souls. What a high it is making grown men cry like baby bitches. At this point, they will do anything to get me to stop being mean.

I tell them to do something but that doesn’t mean I am stopping. Hahaha. Come here pay piggy and kiss my feet if you want me to stop. Seriously, stop for them kissing my feet? Not even!

To stop the humiliation and the upcoming torture requires much more.

In truth, I enjoy inflicting pain on my pigs, I may not stop no matter what they are willing to do. And, it is time for some intense tease and denial for my little bitches.

I take off my soaking wet panties, draping them over their face. Making sure the crotch is right at their nose. Then, telling them they can’t taste them unless I give permission.

The little whimpers and moans are exquisite. To make it even worse, I will have them crawl on their hands and knees to smell my pussy. Come here pay piggy and smell me up close.

They may even cry more at this time.

At this point, I am laughing at their pathetic face. Fucking loser, what is wrong with you? Man up, motherfucker! Oh, wait, you aren’t a real man, are you? NOPE! That is why you are my piggy.

This is just one of the many things I do when I am taking callers online with my Fetish Phone Sex. Since I love all things taboo,  some super kinky calls and fantasies depend on my vulgar mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my pigs and all the tributes and cash I demand of them. That’s right, come here pay piggy and bring your Goddess her money! Make it rain green for Momma!

I have expensive tastes and my little pig whores keep me in amazing style. Additionally, they keep my pussy nice and wet for the worthy, real men I let fuck me. Piggies don’t get in this cunt, ever!

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