Working as a hotel maid has its perks. Of course, when it is one of the finest hotels in the country, lots of amazing people stay here. And, if you are lucky like me,  your hotel maid catches stroker, I get a new pay pig.

Yep, that’s right. I am working my shift and cleaning suites. Furthermore, I am down to the last few suites on my daily assignment and ready for my day to end.

Therefore, I am knocking quickly, as required before entering each suite. I go into the suite and start my process. As I walk into the bedroom, a man is sitting on the bed stroking his little rod.

Boom, hotel maid catches stroker!

Now, there are a few different ways this can go. Of course, I am all for it going in my direction. He is staring at me with shock in his eyes. Similarly, I am processing our best route as I stare at his less than a large penis.

Interestingly enough, this man is a famous person with a so-called “big” cock. He was never an A-lister but he was well known and in the news. I also know he is still very active and wealthy.

So, this hotel maid catches stroker is thinking, “Pay Piggy!” I can tell by the look in his eyes, he is trying to decide if he can get me to stroke him and keep his little pecker secret.

Lucky for him, I am a smart and seductive hustler. 

I immediately call him by name to let him know exactly where things stand. Then, I happily point out that is not what I’ve been picturing it to be and point and laugh at that tiny dick he’s tugging on.

He is flushed from head to toe trying to figure out how he’s going to fix this. No worries, I got you, babe. I swoop in and explain my plan. Of course, Mr. “So and So” no one has to know your little secret.

Just because the hotel maid catches stroker and it is you, doesn’t mean your secrets are exposed. And, if you are up for my suggestion, we both win. I am a dominant personality.

Of course, I am always looking for new sugar daddies.

You see, that is what I call my pay piggies. All the men that bow down to worship and pay tribute to my greatness. Men, that know it is important to run to me when I say Come Here Pay Piggy.

And, do you know why that is? Because I help them out of situations just like this. I am there for them and they are there for me. What do you get in return? My fine ass as your Goddess!

That is right, baby! So, hotel maid catches stroker on this day is in turn, your lucky day! From now on, you will be one happy motherfucker with me as your Mistress.

And, of course, he says yes and I finish jerking off that inadequate prick the day hotel maid catches stroker.

In his gratitude, he is still paying tributes to his gorgeous Goddess. Of course, he is much older now and that dick is even smaller. But, he knows who is important and what keeps me happy!

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