BBC is what I Crave, Not a Pencil Prick Loser!

I love traveling because I often meet all types of hot men to have anonymous sex with. Men just can’t resist my tight MILF body. I’m a woman who knows what she’s doing. My experience is just what they crave. Last time I stayed in a hotel I met a hot black stallion in the elevator who wore me out. Big black cock is what pleases me the most, I will not waste my time with a worthless pencil prick loser. Tonight, I’m on the hunt for another big black cock to stretch out my tight pussy. I dress in a skimpy tight black dress that is almost too short to wear in public. I hit the hotel bar and as usual, all eyes are on me as I take a seat at the bar. 

Before I can order a drink a handsome middle-aged white guy takes the stool next to me. He beckons the bartender over, orders a drink for himself and says, “…and whatever this beautiful woman would like as well.” He smiles flirtatiously at me and I can’t help but be intrigued. He’s a bit older than I would prefer, I usually like the younger, easily controlled type. But, his personality is so confident and charming. His shiny Rolex and expensive suit don’t hurt either. He tells me he is the CEO of a large well-known company and now I have to know what he’s packing under those slacks. I’m sure his confidence matches his cock size and now I can’t wait to get to the inevitable.  

Let’s Get a Room

We continue talking and flirting, his eyes keep wandering all over my body. I see his eyes trace up my legs and stop at the hem of my skirt. As soon as I finish my drink, he places his hand on my thigh gripping gently and asks if I would like to go up to his room with him. At this point, I couldn’t resist him. He was definitely not what I came down here looking for, but he oozed of wealth and power and that made me hot and wet. 

I followed him to the top floor of the hotel to his posh two-room suite. He poured me a glass of champagne and I couldn’t help but be impressed. He was classy and sophisticated and I couldn’t wait to get dirty with him. Then he started to slowly undress me in front of the large floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city below. My dress dropped to the floor and he kissed my neck delicately. I could hear him unbuckle his belt and drop his pants behind me. As he began unbuttoning his shirt, I slowly turned around. I looked down to take in the glory of his manhood and what I saw shocked me to my core. 

Surprise, He’s a Pencil Prick Loser!

I stood there absolutely shocked and lost for words as I took in the tiny erect dick before me. He continued to stand there, still radiating confidence, hands on his hips. He was the pencil prick loser I feared and loathed. I refuse to waste my time with tiny dick and the men who own them! The longer I stared at this powerful CEO and his worthless cock, the angrier I became. I felt tricked and I knew he deserved what was coming to him, small penis humiliation. 

You pencil prick loser!”, I shouted at him. “That thing is so tiny you would never be able to please me with that, how dare you even try!” To my surprise, he stood there and started stroking his teeny tiny cock, apparently small penis humiliation is what gets him off. I was not about to give him the satisfaction he was craving. 

Teaching him a Lesson with Orgasm Denial 

Luckily for me, I always came prepared. I went to my purse and pulled out a vibrator I keep on hand for emergencies. I laid on the bed and he watched me work my pussy. His tiny cock quickly started losing its erection. “Please”, he begged, “I can only cum with small penis humiliation, I need this.” His desperation only made my pussy wetter and before long I was writhing on the bed and cumming in front of him. His own orgasm denied, he looked completely defeated as I got dressed and walked out the door. 

Let this be a lesson to all pencil prick losers out there. This powerful CEO thought he could manipulate me into humiliating him to orgasm but he got to watch me get off instead. Do not waste my time with your pathetic dick or you will pay the price!

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