You need to have a wicked tongue to put a man with a small dick where he belongs.

Small Penis Humiliation is not for kind-hearted women.   Where he belongs is beneath you.  Beneath you and whimpering like a little bitch.  If you can’t measure up, sit down and let the real men do their jobs. A tickling clitty dick is not something that will ever get me off.

Did you avoid the locker rooms growing up? Physical education was the one class you avoided. Not for the exercise, but the shower experience must have been humiliating for a short man like yourself. Filling up a jockstrap was impossible, but your sister’s panties fit like a glove. Did she know that you tried them on when alone in the bathroom? The dirty hamper becoming your secret hiding place. I know little boys like something soft rubbing against them, but Men, they prefer to sink into something soft and tight. Sadly for you, small penis humiliation is all you’ll ever get.

Small Penis Humiliation: Everyone Knows How Tiny It Is

Do you remember the night everyone found out about you? I do. I remember the party at my house and all my girlfriends decided to compare notes on the guys that were coming. Most were fuck boys, and then, we got to your name on the list. I thought only I knew the secret, but come to find out, everyone there knows about your inadequate penis. We all laughed so hard the moment your name was said. I bet you have no clue that everyone in the room was comparing notes about you. One of the girls works for a doctor’s office and stole part of your file.
This patient suffers from micro penis syndrome. During the exam, I measured him to be 1 inch flaccid, and 2 1/2 fully erect. Upon examination, a sperm sample was acquired and with further testing, the count is below normal levels. He should be considered legally sterile and unable to produce children in the future.

SPH or small penis humiliation is all you have to look forward to in life.

All of my girlfriends decided that at tonight’s party, you would be exposed. Fully exposed. We sent all the guys out to find us beer, keeping you behind for a reason. Laid out on my bed are a pair of pink panties, stockings, and even a blond wig. Before the real men return, you will be forced into indulging our laughter to the fullest extent
Just a few of the names we have for you. Stand there and cry like the bitch that you are, but you brought this on yourself. Never claim to be a well-hung stud when the only thing big on you is your mouth. We’ll make sure that you get what you deserve before the night ends. Each and every girl in the room has something to say about your itty bitty dick. What a waste. A real man has at least 9 inches of meat between his legs, as to where you could use a thimble to cover your penis. I can’t even call that a cock.

Small Penis Humiliation Loser! Small dick! Baby penis! Pathetic!

Us girls are what they call the “mean girls”. With threats of exposure, you’ll do what is asked of you. Pull up those pretty pink panties and smear on the red lipstick. Did you know this was going on Instagram and Facebook live? I made sure to invite your entire family to view the show. I bet they already know that all you deserve is small penis humiliation. Little dick loser smile for the camera. Smile for all those pretty girls who will never do anything more than laugh at you. Your Sissy Slut Makeover is almost complete.
Pull down the front of the panties and rub your clit. It looks like a girl masturbating minus the pussy lips.  So, maybe that’s what you need. The saddest part is not only are you lacking a dick but those balls look like two peas under a baby carrot. Small penis humiliation makes me and my girlfriends giggle our asses off, but you know what we really want? We want all those boys to come back so that we can find the sissy bitch who is ready to be fucked by a real man.  Don’t worry, it won’t hurt, much.  But then again, I lie a lot.
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