I did a favor for a friend recently when her regular babysitter backed out. I haven’t done it in many years, but she and her husband had expensive theater tickets and a whole night planned and this girl backed out at the last minute, so she called me and asked if I could fill in, I didn’t really have anything better to do, so I agreed. Their kid was fourteen years old, was going to be in their room the whole time, I could just basically watch t.v. and not even worry about it.

So I went over and they’d already asked their son to be good and not disturb me, I didn’t even need to do anything really. He was mad at them even getting a babysitter at his age, but they didn’t trust him alone, not have some wild, spur of the moment party or something. So I was watching t.v. and my phone rang, it was my boyfriend, he asked where I was since he’d gone to my place looking for me and I wasn’t home, I explained the situation and he asked if he could come over, I said sure, why not.


So he arrives a few moments later and is obviously in quite the amorous mood, he was all over me and I said no, we can’t the boy is upstairs and could hear what we were doing. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and promised to be quiet. He started to fondle my breasts through my tee shirt and kiss me passionately and I was getting very turned on as well and just let him have me, his cock was so hard when I unzipped his pants to get it in my mouth, I wanted it so badly, to taste it, suck it, caress it. I felt it’s throbbing, hot hardness as he slipped it past my wet lips and I sucked on it hungrily as I massaged his balls.

My cunt was throbbing as well, and I knew without a doubt I was wet ad he removed my skirt and panties and was inside me in one thrust, fuck it felt good, it had been nearly a week since we fucked, and I hadn’t even masturbated waiting for him to get back. He was pumping away inside of me, filling me up and I was biting my lip to keep from crying out, his tongue was flickering across my nipple, getting it hard in his mouth as he pounded my pussy. I was arching my back and happened to glance upwards as I did and I noticed the fourteen year old watching from the stairs through the stair railings, his young, teen cock in his hand stroking his hard shaft as I got fucked. I gasped and nearly cried out to go back to his room, but I didn’t, and our eyes locked as I got fucked on his family’s couch as he masturbated on the stairs watching me.

I could see the glistening tip of his young, wet cock and imagined licking it as my boyfriend fucked me hard, I was such a naughty woman thinking that, my friend would be horrified enough at this situation, but I had a feeling their son certainly wasn’t’ going to tell them what he’d seen and jerked off to. It wasn’t long before I cried out in orgasm as their son watched me get fucked and I saw him catch his cum in his hand and then creep back up the stairs.It was fucking hot to see! We never said a word about it, but I know he had a good time watching the babysitter get fucked like that, his best babysitting experience ever.