There’s a new man that’s moved in next door, I saw the moving trucks pulled up the least few days unloading things and his bedroom is right across the way from mine and I can see right into the bedroom. The couple that owned the house before usually kept their curtains pulled, so there was never much to see any time I’d glance over to the window. The new neighbor though, the house is filled with boxes to be unpacked and he doesn’t even think to pull the curtains closed. I know it’s stressful to move and he’s sure been finding a way to relax, I was a bit surprised the first night he moved in and I looked over and saw him masturbating, clear as anything with porn on his t.v.

I stood there amusedly watching him stroke his cock up and down, he hadn’t a clue I was watching him. I could see he was watching some lesbian porn and very much enjoying it. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and it was playing on a fairly large screen that he’d already hung on the wall. I had my own bedroom lights turned off, so there was no light to show I was there watching and I saw him get out his lube and rub it up and down his hard shaft, which looked to be rather on the large side and I wondered what that cock would feel like inside of me.




He seemed to masturbate a lot, since this watching porn and rubbing his cock seemed to be a nearly nightly occurrence for him. I was starting to get to know his routine, the time he’d begin to masturbate before bed, how he liked to touch himself. I would get aroused myself watching him, and would take my clothes off before he began and start to touch myself at the same time once he would. I was doing just this when he happened to look over and even though my lights were out, it was as if he was staring right at me, like he knew I was watching him. He couldn’t see me, I was sure of it, but I knew he knew I was watching. He went over to the window and opened it, I could hear the porn noises wafting over through his open window through to mine, and I could even hear him moaning as well.

He knew I was watching him and he obviously was encouraging it by opening the window so I could hear as well as see. I felt very naughty being a voyeur like this, yet it was sexy and I knew he didn’t mind, I guess he was a bit of an exhibitionist to enjoy being watched like this. I was a bit shocked the next morning when half tucked under my doormat was a note asking me to come over tonight and watch up close. His door was unlocked and opened a crack when I went over and I could hear the porn music when I walked in and up the stairs and there he was jerking away. He sat on the bed and smiled when I walked in, like he hadn’t a doubt I’d show. I stood in front of him and watched him masturbate, and it wasn’t long until he blew his load and then he told me it was my turn. I undressed and sat in a chair in front of him and put my legs over the sides and rubbed my pussy for him and was so turned on as he watched me. It wasn’t long until I came very hard. It’s always fun getting to know the new neighbors.

Juicy lil Gisele