Watched Complete Strangers Fuck My Mom on Vacation

I never thought our family vacation would turn into my brother and I witnessing strangers fuck my mom. I know I’ve told some good family sex stories but this one doesn’t even really involve me doing anything with anyone! We loaded up the car and headed out for our planned road trip. As we traveled into the mountains we ended up stuck in a snowstorm. Of all things, we hadn’t planned on snow. It wasn’t even fully winter. My mom, my brother and I were all dressed in light clothing more suited for the warm spring weather that we had when we left our house.

Mom called AAA to get a tow truck since we were now stuck on the side of the road. When the driver finally showed up my mom had to sweet talk him into taking us to a hotel instead of the approved places that AAA allowed. Using her stunning looks and large tits to her advantage he agreed to help her out. Arriving at a small BNB was a welcome sight after being stuck in the cold for hours. Upon talking to the owner at the front desk we were told that there weren’t any available rooms.

The smile on my mom’s face dropped and she started asking if we could stay in the lobby to warm ourselves and rest.

The owner said that he might be able to work something out and stared directly at her big tits. She didn’t realize that she had left the buttons undone when she was showing off some cleavage to the tow truck driver. So she looked down at her tits then over to us kids and then back to the guy behind the counter. She began stuttering and saying “No way” telling him that we will just sleep in our car.

As she said that, the tow truck driver walked up behind her and reached around her to grab her tits. He said, “Oh, I’m sure we can work out something.” Smirking at the BNB owner he started to walk my mom behind the counter and through a door. My brother and I started to follow and we were quickly told to stay where we were. I knew they were going to fuck my mom and I wasn’t sure if I should do something to try to stop it from happening. My mom looked back to us and told us to just stay here and she was going to see what she could do to get us a room.

We stood there and watched them fuck my mom.

They left the door cracked open a little and of course, my brother and I were curious. We moved closer to the door to peek inside. As we peeked through the door we watched them fuck my mom. At first, she seemed to be resisting. Once they tied her up she actually seemed to be enjoying it. It was actually pretty hot to witness. They took turns pounding into her. One of them shot his load into her pussy as the other jerked himself off onto her beautiful face.

I would never have guessed that we would see guys fuck my mom on our vacation. I guess life is just full of surprises! Give me a call so we can have some fun of our own. I am open to any kind of fetish phone sex you can think of!