I walked in on my mom fucking someone from my school!

Ever since my mom and I had that night of shared pleasure she changed a little. I could see that she was actually making an effort to put on makeup even though she looked amazing without it. It just made her even prettier. She started wearing shirts that enhanced her big tits and even though she loved her yoga pants she started wearing more skinny jeans with cute boots. That night changed both of us. But I never thought she would go as far as she did until I saw it with my own eyes.

I was supposed to be staying after school for a couple of hours but had to come home because I had forgotten a book that I needed. When I came into the house I could hear moaning coming from my mom and dad’s bedroom. At first I thought that dad just got home early but then I realized that his car wasn’t in the driveway. I quietly made my way back to her room and peeked through the cracked door. What I saw caught me by surprise but got my pussy instantly wet!

My mom was riding up and down on a huge cock.

I couldn’t tell who it was. All I could see was his lean, muscular body and the size of his cock as she pulled almost all the way out and slid back down it. I didn’t even realize that my hand was down my shorts until I felt my fingers rubbing through the wet folds. Then I heard his voice and I knew!! My mom was fucking Jeff that lived down the street! I go to school with this guy!

I couldn’t stop myself.  Then I walked into her room and asked what the fuck was going on. Jeff tried to get up but my mom held him down on the bed. Her hands were pressed against his chest and his cock was still buried inside of her. She only paused for a moment then continued riding his big dick as she asked me what I was doing home. I couldn’t believe my mom was fucking a high school boy in the bed that she shares with my dad and holding a conversation with me like it was nothing.

Well two could play at that game! I just started answering her and talking like nothing was going on. Jeff was very confused and when he kept interrupting us I decided to shut him up. I pulled off my shorts and sat my virgin pussy right down onto his face. I fucked his face while my mom continued riding his big dick. Fuck I wanted to know what it felt like so bad but right now I had to get back to school. First I was going to release the tension that had been building up in my pussy since I peeked through the door all over Jeff’s face!

I continued riding his face as I grabbed my mom’s huge tits and leaned in to kiss her.

As my mom continued riding Jeff’s cock I fucked harder and harder onto his face. My mom and I both came at the same time. Our pussies flooded his face and his cock together as our moans were lost in each other’s mouths. Jeff couldn’t take it anymore. Our orgasms sent him over the edge and his young cock filled my mom’s pussy just as I slid off of his face.

I put on my shorts and told my mom that I loved her. Just before I shut the door I told her that I thought Jeff was a lot of fun and that he should come over more often. I could see his cum oozing from her used pussy as she let his deflating cock slip out of her. Just before the door closed I saw her pussy leaking his young seed all over her married bed. What was she going to tell dad? HAHA If he only knew how much of a slutty MILF his wife had become!!! The adventures with my mom just keep getting better!! I can’t wait to tell you more! Give me a call, tell me what you would do to my mom and I and I’ll share some more stories with you too!

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