All He Wants For Christmas is a Warm Cream Pie, So I Obliged!

So, how about some warm cream pie for Christmas? That’s exactly what my husband wanted for Christmas dessert. One should never wait to consume good warm pie fresh from its source.

I have one good friend named Teresa who loves to fuck almost as much as me. There was a time when I really did start to think that she had an impregnation fetish. This girl would go out every night and make sure she came home with a full warm cream pie.  Then, I soon discovered that she just liked getting fucked.

Well, one day she wanted me to come over and told me to pick up warm cream pie.

Warm cream pie? That could mean anything, right? I got worried for a moment, thinking she may not be feeling good, so I went over to her place. The door was unlocked, so I stepped into the house cautiously. I called out for her but didn’t think she heard me.  Suddenly, I heard screaming coming from her bedroom.

I toyed with calling for help but decided to approach the door first. My heart was beating so fast I thought my heart would jump out of my chest. When I rounded the corner and peeked into the bedroom at the end of the hallway, I soon understood the reason for her cries.

I never thought I’d be bringing warm cream pie home.

Teresa ushered me into the room and invited me to join her and her three exes to have some fun. Well, I couldn’t resist. One guy started to undress me. His hands went under my dress and found my satin panties. His long dick pounded her pussy so fast the bed was rocking.

Soon, I was on the bed with one guy licking my pussy and ass and the other fucking my mouth.

Well, I have to admit, I was such a tease!

I didn’t want any cum in any hole except my pussy and ass. I had plans to bring it home to my cuckold husband. He would be so turned on by how I got an extra fuck for the holidays.

I felt like taking the wheel. I ordered one guy to his back. While I kissed his lips and sat down on his dick, the other guy stood behind me and started sliding his large dick inside my asshole.

You want it, I got it.

When I put back on my clothes, I didn’t know how I would keep their loads in my holes. They had all cum several times inside of me. On my way out, I was looking around her house. In a box, I found two Christmas ornaments and shoved them in my holes to stop the flow. After all, I didn’t want to lose this warm cream pie before I had a chance to deliver it.

Of course, when I got home my husband knew I had been fucked. I really don’t hide it well. He took me back to the bedroom where I teased him until he begged for me to give him his present.

I sat on his face and he took the two ornaments out of my holes and proceeded to have the most delicious warm cream pie he had ever tasted. Oh, what a merry evening it was!

I’d love to know what you’re into. Perhaps we could both have a happy ending together!  No matter your taste, I’m into some hot fetish phone sex.

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